Selecting Menu Paper by Weight

How heavy should single-use menus be?

Good news: there's no wrong answer to this question. The weight of your disposable menus—or the thickness of the paper they're printed on—depends on your goals and your restaurant's personality.

Studies have shown that when something has physical weight, we translate it to importance and stability. So if you're hoping to reassure your customers that their favorite restaurant is here to stay, a heavier weight might be the best choice for you. It's also durable, so customers can take their menus home and give you a call next time they're craving takeout!

On the other hand, lighter weight paper is often associated with luxury. It's delicate and feathery, reminding people of a fancy resumé or even the tissue paper that conceals an expensive gift. This fine, artisan paper could float away on a light breeze—something to keep in mind if you're currently focused on outdoor dining.

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Shop by Weight

The "W" stands for writing, our lightest-weight paper option. Designed for stationery, this is a great option for menus.
The "T" stands for text, which is about the weight of a standard sheet of printer paper.
Think of this as "cardstock," or about as heavy as a folded greeting card.