Make disposable menus memorable with Mohawk paper.

Each Mohawk paper has a story, and our single-use menu papers are no exception. Chosen from three of our most popular and versatile grades, or families, these carefully curated backdrops for your disposable menu design are time-tested and loved for their quality, beauty, and responsible sourcing.

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*Carnival SKUs, with the exception of Stellar White, are not included in this promotion.


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Bold + Dramatic
Via represents the most comprehensive and economical family of premium writing, text and cover papers in the market today. The combined portfolio offers a FSC® certified choice for virtually any design project with many shades of white, a palette of fresh colors, ten distinctive textures and an extensive offering for digital printing.
Refined + Elegant
Mohawk Superfine is the finest printing paper made today. No other paper has the same reputation for quality, consistency and uniformity. Superfine inspires great design with its superb formation, lush tactility, archival quality and timeless appeal.
Raw + Natural
Mohawk Loop is a comprehensive collection of extremely high PCW recycled papers to support sustainable design. With a range of print surfaces and fashionable palette of whites, pastels, jewel tones and earthy fibered shades, Loop enables environmental responsibility the Mohawk way and is truly a one-stop-shop for papers that are FSC certified, made with windpower and made carbon neutral.