The Mohawk Show


The Mohawk Show:
The awards that give back making

Introducing a new kind of awards show that gives back more than
just a line on your resume. The Mohawk Show is driven by a simple idea:
Great work deserves to be celebrated and rewarded with the chance to make more. 
We all have an idea on the backburner that’s so niche, indulgent or impractical
that we just can’t justify it. Now imagine you didn’t have to. We are rewarding
stand out projects on Mohawk paper with "Maker Grants" to help you turn those
passion projects into portfolio pieces. Our goal: Help great makers keep on making.


Call for Entries to The Mohawk Show has ended.


The Judges:
We’ve assembled an eclectic and bright collection of design thinkers and doers from the Mohawk community representing a variety of approaches to design. A group of industry veterans and fresh faces, they represent a broad spectrum of design thinking and are ready to see the best of your work.

Tim Belonax
Design Director, Pinterest

Kelli Anderson
Designer & Paper Engineer

Ellen Lupton
Writer + Curator

Mike Renaud
Founder & Co-CEO, Varyer

Andrew Gibbs
Founder, Dieline &
Partner, A Plastic Planet


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Mohawk Maker Grants:
The new Mohawk Maker Grants were created to help you turn passion projects into portfolio pieces. 

The Mohawk Show was created to recognize and reward great design in print. Seven top entries will be awarded "Maker Grants" that offer the winning designers an opportunity to make a project that may have otherwise felt out-of-reach. And who doesn't have a passion project that's waiting to take form?

The Details


The Best in Show Maker Grant: The first-ever Print Residency at Crane.

Spend a week with a team of craftspeople at Crane dedicated to making your passion project a reality.


Maker Grants


Judges' Choice Maker Grants

Each of our five judges will select one entry to be recognized with a Judges' Choice Maker Grant. These five grants will fully fund the winners' passion project in collaboration with a carefully selected group of print partners.


Large Scale Letterpress
with Neu Haus Press


Screen Printing
with Mama's Sauce


with Rohner Press


Digital or Offset Printing
with Sandy Alexander

with Norman's Printery


Bespoke Printing
with Thornwillow Press


Maker Grants

Curation Criteria:
In a world dominated by digital communication, entries will be judged on how they exist in the real world (this is why we ask for physical copies). Below are some of the criteria we will be looking for.

Object Quality
Printed objects exist, and are experienced, in three dimensions. Presence, dimensionality and tactility all have the ability to connect with us emotionally. We will look for design that harnesses these physical considerations, extending beyond the screen to enhance our experience of design.

Material Quality 
Just as with typography, color and form, materials are design elements. We will be looking for entries that use material qualities such as texture, weight, rigidity as strong elements in their design.

Paper as the 5th Color 
Often overlooked, we will be on the lookout for thoughtful ways of printing on colored paper.

Pairing Texture 
Paper has surface characteristics that reinforce design intent. We are interested in how you contrast different paper textures together.

Design that excites through the intersection of aesthetics and emotion. We all know it when we see it.

Paper & Process 
Attention will be given to artful, inventive and thoughtful combinations of paper and process-where paper is used as an intentional design element, equal to the process used to make the printed object.

Entry Rules:
It's Simple. Enter anything you’ve printed on Mohawk paper.

Put less simply:
To be eligible, entries must be printed on one or more of Mohawk’s materials.* All work produced between January 2019 and March 2020 is eligible, including, but not limited to, corporate brochures, annual reports, direct mail, books, letterheads, posters, etc. Work designed for Mohawk is not eligible. Submissions can be made by designers, design firms, clients, advertising agencies, printers, paper merchants, or any other person affiliated with the work. Entry constitutes end user’s permission to feature winners in a traveling exhibit, on Mohawk’s website, social properties, in trade journal ads, and in a printed Mohawk Show catalog or book.

*Eligible Mohawk materials include: Superfine, Loop, Options, Carnival, Via, Strathmore, Keaykolour, The Curious Collection, Skytone, Crane's Lettra, Crane's Crest and Specialty Digital Substrates.

Be part of the Mohawk communities’
celebration of great design!

Call for Entries to The Mohawk Show has ended.