Understanding the Fibers in Your Paper Menus

How can I make my disposable menus more environmentally friendly?

When it comes to understanding recycled menu paper, it's all about PCW: post-consumer waste. That's just another way of saying recycled paper! It comes from the places you’d imagine: office copiers, junk mail, and even disposable restaurant menus just like yours. It has been cleaned, sorted, and processed.

Our single-use menu paper is available with different percentages of recycled, or PCW, content. If your selection is made from less than 100% recycled paper, the rest comes from virgin fiber—straight from the trees. We use responsibly sourced virgin fiber, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, so you can still feel confident that you're treating the environment well. Just remember to recycle when you're done!

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Recycled Content
Recycled Content
Recycled Content