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Make with Mohawk Print Set 03: Crane's Lettra + Letterpress = Design Inspiration

Rebecca Gatto
Hybrid Design & The Occasions Group
Detail of prints up close

Crane’s Lettra fueled the rebirth of artisanal letterpress printing.

Recognized for its lush cotton surface and handmade quality, Lettra is the industry’s first choice for printing processes like letterpress, engraving, blind embossing, and foil stamping.

Innovation was inevitable when Mohawk acquired Crane’s Stationery in 2018, combining two groups of smart and passionate craftspeople. Make with Mohawk Print Set 03 is among the first expressions of these two families of makers joining together. The third in a three-part series pairing specific printing processes with select Mohawk papers, Print Set 03 celebrates the release of an expanded and refreshed line of Crane Cotton Papers by pairing Crane’s Lettra with one, two, and three color letterpress printing.

“ Crane’s Lettra is the perfect paper to bring out the tactile beauty unique to letterpress. Today, as designers increasingly crave a contrast to the slick experience of a screen, Lettra and Letterpress offer the perfect high-touch alternative.”
Chris Harrold
Senior VP of Marketing and Creative, Mohawk

print set gif
Print by Super Nice Letters
Print by Super Nice Letters
on Crane's Lettra Impress Light Pink 110 Cover (297 gsm)
Print by Brendan Monroe
Print by Brendan Monroe
on Crane’s Lettra Impress Dark Black 110 Cover (297 gsm)
Print by Nathaniel Russell
Print by Nathaniel Russell
on Crane’s Lettra Letterpress Pearl White 110 Cover (297 gsm)

For Print Set 03, three heavy weights of Crane’s Lettra were chosen to serve the vision of three featured artists:

  • NEW Crane’s Lettra Impress Dark Black 110 Cover (297 gsm) + Brendan Monroe
  • NEW Crane’s Lettra Impress Light Pink 110 Cover (297 gsm) + Super Nice Letters
  • Crane’s Lettra Letterpress Pearl White 110 Cover (297 gsm) + Nathaniel Russell
Make with Mohawk Print Shop

If you’re feeling inspired (and we hope you are), you can try out any of the three Make with Mohawk Print Set combinations, including Crane’s Lettra + Letterpress, for a limited time through the Make with Mohawk Printshop. The Printshop, powered by, is a pop-up online maker space that offers designers the opportunity to create their own work using the same papers and processes demonstrated in the Make with Mohawk Print Set series. The Printshop is temporary, but the tactile impact of Crane’s Lettra and Letterpress is long-lasting. Experiment with paper and process and expand the possibilities of your next project.

Make with Mohawk Print Set 03 was designed by Hybrid Design of San Francisco, CA and skillfully printed by Fey Printing of Wisconsin Rapids, WI with prints printed by The Occasions Group in Mankato, MN.

hands print in production
In Production
Nathaniel Russell's print being letterpressed at The Occasions Group
Detail full width.png
detail 700px 2.png
detail 700px.png

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