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Re-Introducing Crane Cotton Papers — New Colors, New Finish, Endless Possibilities

Rebecca Gatto
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Behind every great partnership is a story, and in 2018 we began a new chapter with the acquisition of Crane Stationery.

Since then, the two businesses have come together to form an all-star team of dedicated craftspeople, committed to stewarding Crane’s storied, 200-year papermaking legacy. Members of Boston’s 18th century activist elite were among Crane’s first customers, and Paul Revere used the company’s cotton paper to print the banknotes that financed the Revolutionary War. Eleanor Roosevelt and Queen Elizabeth expressed their sentiments on Crane paper, too. Today, Jimmy Fallon uses Crane Stationery for his “Thank You Notes” segment on The Tonight Show. The brand has also collaborated with cultural touchstones like Vogue and Downton Abbey.

In developing the updated Crane Cotton Paper portfolio, our product and marketing teams collaborated to create products that celebrate heritage while serving the needs of today's print and design community.

Melissa Stevens, Chief Revenue Officer at Mohawk, said the partnership was a match from the beginning. “Mohawk has always had craftsmanship at its core, and Crane was built on a legacy of fine cotton papermaking,” Stevens said. "The combined knowledge and artistry at these two companies opens up remarkable possibilities for innovation."

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The refreshed Crane Cotton Papers portfolio includes:

  • Crane’s Lettra Letterpress: Crane’s Lettra fueled the rebirth of artisanal letterpress printing. Recognized for its lush cotton surface and handmade quality, Lettra’s Letterpress finish is the industry’s first choice for impact printing processes like letterpress, engraving, blind embossing, and foil stamping.

  • NEW Crane’s Lettra Impress: Lettra Impress finish expands the possibilities for printing on cotton papers. Optimized to complement the newest digital presses, Impress finish will also perform effortlessly on offset or any of the impact processes traditionally associated with cotton papers. This new finish includes several fresh color options, including three classic pastel shades and Dark Black.

  • NEW Crane’s Lettra Impress Duplex: Constructed from Pearl White and Dark Black Lettra Impress, Lettra Impress Duplex is a show-stopping sheet with all the versatility of single-ply Lettra Impress.

  • Crane’s Crest: For over a century, Crane’s Crest has been synonymous with the finest stationery, distinguished by its crisp, cotton feel and subtly tactile elegance. Available in 4 nuanced, natural finishes, Crane’s Crest is the perfect choice for letterhead, personal stationery, business cards—any project you want to enhance with elevated materials.


Mohawk’s newest swatchbook of Crane Papers represents a reinvigorated portfolio that demonstrates Mohawk’s commitment to the legacy of expertly crafted American paper. The book contains the most comprehensive and versatile collection of pure cotton papers on the market today.

The Crane Papers swatchbook was designed by Hybrid Design of San Francisco, CA and skillfully printed by Fey Printing of Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Every color, finish, and basis weight available within the Crane Papers portfolio is represented across four stunning waterfalls of paper swatches—we can’t wait to see what you make with Crane.

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