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We all have an idea sitting on the back burner waiting to take form. And as we dream of
bringing that idea from the screen into the real world, the processes we use to make that
transition is essential. To simply print something isn’t enough—we need to make the print
process a deliberate part of our design. The Make with Mohawk Printshop is here to help
you do that by creating a place to easily print the work that gets you excited. Throughout
the year we are launching Maker Missions designed to make printing more accessible than
ever with opportunities to get your feet wet with Risograph, Letterpress and Digital
printing. Dust off a passion project that has been waiting for the right opportunity, or get
inspired by trying a new printing process. And keep an eye for our Make with Mohawk print
sets for a dose of added inspiration. Have fun! And don’t forget to share your creations with
the hashtag #makewithmohawk


Maker Mission #1
Risograph + Superfine
The Ultimate Hi-Lo

At a glance, Risograph and Superfine may seem like quite the odd couple. Originally invented to make use of low-cost inks, Risograph printing comes with inherent quirks: off-registration, limited colors, uneven ink performance—in short: an inaccurate and inconsistent process. But it’s also…absolutely delightful. Much like the Holga camera with its brilliant simplicity, lack of precision and light leaks, Risograph’s bugs are its defining features. In a world of technical perfection, it’s a process rich in happy accidents.

Superfine, on the other hand, is all about precision: Beautifully formed, always consistent and subtly tactile—it’s the paper that’s predictably perfect. Arguably the best canvas to print just-aboutanything, there’s no question what will happen when you print on Superfine—it’s going to be beautiful.

So, what business does Superfine have hanging around with Risograph? Superfine shines when showcasing design intent, whatever that intent may be. Superfine is like a crisp, neutral gallery wall: It shows respect to the work, by amplifying intention and making absolutely clear that what you see is a statement, not an accident. Imperfection printed on the most perfect paper makes those happy accidents not so accidental. In this way, Risograph’s quirks are celebrated, not as limitations, but as design elements; an extension of the will of the designer.

What’s exciting is that these unique qualities make process part of design.

What could you make with this combination of material and process? Embrace Maker Mission #1:

Let's Make!

Make with Mohawk Print Set

Need a bit of inspiration to help you get started? Snag a copy of this print set made with Mohawk Superfine + Risograph to see the possibilities.


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Mohawk Superfine + Risograph Print Set


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