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Make with Mohawk Print Set 02: Via + Digital — Expression at Your Fingertips

Casey Fisk
Ariel Smullen

Via + Digital might be the perfect expression of beauty and function in balance.

Many of us think we know digital printing—but most of us don’t. That’s because digital printing is constantly evolving—and improving. In fact, today’s digital printing quality rivals traditional offset while better meeting the needs of the modern maker: faster timelines, iteration and instant gratification. The result: graphic expression has never been so accessible.

Make with Mohawk Print Set 02 is the second in a three-part series pairing specific printing processes with select Mohawk papers. In this issue, Mohawk Via Vellum Digital with i-Tone® is paired with HP Indigo digital printing.

MOH_MWM_PrintSet02_Digital_Gif.gif (
Mohawk Via Felt Bright White 110 Cover (298 gsm)

According to Chris Harrold, Senior VP of Marketing and Creative at Mohawk, “Print Set 02 is a beautiful example of the interdependent relationship between material & process. Paper shade, surface and weight, chosen thoughtfully, supports design intent and delivers amazing image quality.”

“For designers, digital printing used to feel like a compromise, but when paired with Via papers, digital printing meets the needs of the new maker: beauty supported by function,” Chris adds.

Three new, heavy weights of Mohawk Via Vellum were chosen from Mohawk’s expanded line of Carnival + Via Digital with i-Tone® papers to serve the vision of three featured artists:


  • Mohawk Via Vellum Bright White 120 cover + David McLeod — The hyperreal work of David McLeod is an amazing vehicle to show the expanded color gamut possible with Digital Printing, bringing the hyper-real into the real.
  • Mohawk Via Vellum Light Gray 120 cover + Kennett Mohrman — Kennett Mohrman's beautiful Death valley series caught our attention as a great opportunity to demonstrate the rich blacks and tonal range Digital Printing is capable of.
  • Mohawk Via Vellum Cream White 120 cover  + Mary Finlayson — The human quality that comes through in the paintings of Mary Finlayson was something we wanted to capture faithfully, showing the subtlety and quality Digital Printing can create.
David McLeod
Mohawk Via Vellum Digital w/ i-Tone Bright White 120 Cover (324 gsm)
Kennett Mohrman
Mohawk Via Vellum Digital w/ i-Tone Light Gray 120 Cover (324 gsm)
Mary Finlayson
Mohawk Via Vellum Digital w/ i-Tone Cream White 120 Cover (324 gsm)

“For designers, digital printing used to feel like a compromise, but when paired with Via papers, digital printing meets the needs of the new maker: beauty supported by function.”
Chris Harrold
SVP Marketing + Creative, Mohawk

From a single flyer for an obscure new band to 20,000 one-of-a-kind art prints, the quality of printing that once required a sizeable audience and a long press run is now available to anyone with a laptop and an idea. Add the ability to print variable data, achieve next-level image quality and use beautiful paper, and you have a process that works harder for you and—dare we say—has never looked better.

Mohawk Via’s versatile portfolio of papers designed for digital might be the perfect expression of beauty and function in balance. Via offers a crazy-beautiful selection of tactile textures and curated colors all designed to print effortlessly in digital. And what’s more, Via is economical, making beauty and function more accessible than ever!

Fey Printing (carrier) Mohawk (prints)

For Print Set 02, we chose HP Indigo printing to demonstrate carefully paired paper and process. From a painter, to a photographer, to a 3D rendering artist, Make with Mohawk Print Set 02 shows how this unique combination of print technology and paper tactility can bring any idea to life. The only question is, what will you make today?

Make with Mohawk Print Set 02 was designed by Hybrid Design, San Francisco, CA and printed by Fey Printing, Wisconsin Rapids, WI.


Digital + Via prints and cards are available for a limited time through the Make with Mohawk pop-up Printshop: a new online resource that challenges designers to create their own work using the same papers + processes shown in the Make with Mohawk Print Sets.

Make with Mohawk Print Set

Need a bit of inspiration to help you get started? Snag a copy of this print set made with Mohawk Via + Digital to see the possibilities.


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