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One of America’s founding documents has a fresh look.


In 2016, ThoughtMatter had a goal: Bring the U.S. Constitution back to the people to spark new conversations about what the Constitution means to every American citizen. 

Utilizing design and branding, they saw an opportunity to generate constructive debate by presenting the Constitution—a document many people reference, but surprisingly few have read in its entirety—in a fresh way. 

The project, called For The People: Redesigning the Constitution, uses design as a tool to invite people to interpret the Constitution from a contemporary perspective.

ThoughtMatter's take on the 230-year-old document puts a twist on the classic red and blue color palette, using Mohawk Via, Smooth, Light Pink, 70 Text (104 gsm) and “Federal Blue” ink. The 7” x 10” book contains three sections with the Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27 placed in the middle. 


Using the document’s opening words, “We the People,” as a foundation, ThoughtMatters positioned the Constitution as the document made by and for the American people, to define and protect our rights and to connect us as citizens. They then created a visual identity that they applied to their redesigned Constitution and the suite of creative assets that make up and support the For the People Project.

ThoughtMatter's branding and visual system first came to life in a redesigned copy of the Constitution that made the document more engaging and digestible than the available standard editions. Because they wanted to preserve and present the original transcript without any editorial commentary, they used design as a tool to invite people to interpret the Constitution from a contemporary perspective.


While the For the People Project began with a Constitution redesign, the book was really just the beginning. From the start, ThoughtMatter aspired to engage as many people as possible about the Constitution and its importance in our everyday lives.

Today, For the People is a place for us to challenge ideas around the U.S. Constitution and explore what it means to be American during a new election year.

Follow the For the People docuseries featuring diverse, creative interpretations of the U.S. Constitution in an ever-changing political climate to see creative people engage as citizens and take on the Constitution during a defining year for democracy.

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