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Materials Matter: Made with Merino Wool

Casey Fisk
Tadd Myers

Given the Options, you'll never look at your winter socks the same way again.

Tadd Myers is a storyteller. His medium isn't words, it's images. In a single frame or using a series of images, his work manages to weave a narrative that can transport you with the turn of a page to the rolling fields of a sheep farm on the South Island of New Zealand.


The award-winning Dallas, Texas based photographer specializes in advertising, corporate and editorial projects — but whether he is shooting barrel-making in Kentucky, sword forging in Arkansas or sheep shearing on the South Island, Tadd's photography remains rooted in the authenticity of his subjects.

Made with Merino Wool, shot by Tadd and designed by O&H Brand Design, is a series of photos documenting a trip to New Zealand that demonstrates the rugged elegance of Myers’ work.


Mohawk Options Vellum was selected for this project because of its ability to capture the tonal quality and rich surfaces in Tadd Myers' work. The Vellum finish suggests the texture of the sheep's wool and serves as a subtle nod to the weathered skin on the backs of the farmer's hands — second and third-generation farmers whose lives are tied to their land.


In the center of the book there is a stunning gatefold spread; a simple but high-impact finishing technique that brings Myers' panoramic imagery to life. Sewn onto the cover is an actual Merino wool garment tag, sourced from the very farms featured in the book.


Ussery Printing Company suggested Options Vellum for Made with Merino Wool because of this paper's superior printing surface and outstanding ink hold. Options Vellum engages you through the power of touch by matching the textural surface and the essence of Myers' imagery.


Tadd himself comes from a legacy of craftsmanship; growing up in his father's printing company, Myers honed his appreciation for the importance of quality craft and carefully selected materials.

An appreciation demonstrated even today, as Tadd chooses to use fine paper as both a technical and artistic tool to convey the story behind his images.


Client: Tadd Myers, Dallas, TX

Design: O&H Brand Design, Dallas, TX

Printer: Ussery Printing Company, Irving, TX

Merchant: Clampitt Paper, Dallas, TX


  • Cover: Mohawk Options Vellum Crystal White 100dtc/270 gsm
  • Interior: Mohawk Options Vellum Crystal White 100t/148 gsm

Production: Printed 4 color process + 2 PMS and overall satin aqueous coating

Bindery: Perfect binding, letterpress scored and ornamental sew tags

Production Notes

Materials + Techniques
Aqueous Coatings
Perfect Bound
Offset Printing Capabilities
4 Color
O&H Brand Design

Materials Used

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