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A Maker's Field Guide to Texture and Color


Introducing A Maker’s Field Guide to Texture and Color, an ambitious and comprehensive new printed tool from Mohawk, designed to serve as a hands-on resource for the creative community.

The competition for your audiences’ attention has risen to a fever pitch. They are overwhelmed, bombarded with more-more-more, with less and less impact. What we create needs to make a powerful impression to elevate itself from the endless churn of communication. But, how?

The Maker’s Field Guide will engage, inspire and educate designers and brand owners, while demonstrating how high quality materials, such as textured and colored papers, can transform printed communications from good to great.


“Paper is a powerful tool, on par with copy and design in its ability to deliver, enhance and create memorable impact. Just as food delivers more than simply nutrition, the flavor and presentation of a meal plays a role in how we enjoy and remember the experience.”
Chris Harrold
Vice President of Business Development and Creative Director, Mohawk.


Created by Hybrid Design of San Francisco, CA, this comprehensive resource will be the definitive guide to using texture and color to amplify printed projects, underscoring the importance of using materials as a powerful communication tool.

In the spirit of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly (also designed by Hybrid), the Maker’s Field Guide contains thoughtful content and compelling design and showcasing everyday printing techniques on a variety of distinctive colored and textured papers to demonstrate the beauty and printability of Mohawk’s expansive Text & Cover portfolio.


Featuring stunning photography by Kennett Mohrman and David Prince; extraordinary illustrations by Lab Partners and Olimpia Zagnoli; and printed examples featuring a variety of makers and creatives that have been featured in past issues of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, A Maker’s Field Guide to Texture and Color will truly become a must-have for anyone who loves working with paper and print.


Designed to appeal to distinct audiences – printers and designers/communicators – the Maker’s Field Guide features customized wraps providing specific information to help each audience maximize its contents.


Content was developed to entice readers to consider new ways to select and use materials to maximize the power of print, focusing on three primary strategies:

  • Materials- The power of materials as a key component of communication
  • Texture- Time-tested strategies to get the most out of textured paper
  • Color- Strategies to heighten the impact of printed projects by using colored paper

“Equal parts inspiration, education, and conversation, the Maker’s Field Guide aims to equip printers, communicators and designers with practical strategies and powerful demonstrations of how persuasive uncoated textured and colored papers can be when fully understood and utilized.”
Chris Harrold
Vice President of Business Development and Creative Director, Mohawk


The design of the Maker’s Field Guide rivals the inspirational content contained within. The tool features a wide array of printing techniques including offset printing, foil stamping, and embossing processes on 32 distinctive colored and textured papers drawn from nearly every Mohawk paper grade, including: BriteHue, Carnival +Via, Loop, Options, Superfine, and Strathmore as well as papers from The Curious Collection.


The Maker’s Field Guide was skillfully printed by Sandy Alexander, Clifton, NJ, using four color printing, 2nd black, 4th white, match blue, match red, match brown, match purple, match pink, match orange and match gold.

Production Notes

Print Process
Foil Stamping
Offset Printing
Ultraviolet (UV) Printing
Materials + Techniques
Match Colors
Metallic Inks
White Ink
Wire Binding
Hybrid Design

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