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Materials Matter: The Bell Museum Case for Support

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Woychick Design awakens a sense of discovery with colorful, and awe-inspiring photography on tactile uncoated papers.

The Bell Museum is Minnesota’s natural history museum and planetarium. For almost 150 years, the Bell Museum has been on a mission to ignite curiosity and inspire wonder by exploring our connections to nature and the universe and creating interest in bettering the future of our evolving world.

Having recently moved into its beautiful new building on the Saint Paul campus of the University of Minnesota, The Bell Museum needed a new case for support from the public. To do so, they asked Woychick Design and copywriter Diane Richard, 2 Below Zero to help them create a brochure


front cover

Because the brochure was calling upon the community to help support the museum, Woychick Design wanted the design to to embody the same sense of discovery and wonder that young and old alike experience when visiting the museum.

The design called for colorful, and awe-inspiring photos so Woychick Design wanted to print on a 100% recycled sheet that would print with extreme high-fidelity and vibrancy. Additionally, they wanted a tactile difference between the full-size and short pages to enhance the sense of discovery for people as they look through the brochure.

Vertical 1_0.jpg

With these parameters in mind, Woychick Design’s intent led them to Mohawk Options* Smooth 100% PC White and Mohawk Loop Feltmark White. The photos printed beautifully and the bright colors on the short pages really “pop,” creating a visually stunning, modular system of materials to support fundraising efforts for The Bell Museum.

inside view

*Mohawk Options features Mohawk’s exclusive Inxwell surface technology, combining the tactile feel of uncoated paper with the ink density and sharp detail of coated. Inxwell surface treatment enhances uncoated printing with higher ink holdout and provides sharp dot fidelity. For more on Mohawk's proprietary, patented Inxwell papers read How to: Run with Inxwell.

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