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Materials Matter: 57 Ocean Neighborhood Guide

Casey Fisk
57 Ocean Header Image

Evoking the beach through lush, tactile paper for a luxury oceanfront residence.

57 Ocean is a luxury oceanfront residence on Miami Beach focused on a lifestyle of wellness within a designer-curated environment.

Helium Creative was tasked to craft a marketing tool for the sales team showing local amenities, restaurants, and activities within a short distance of 57 Ocean.

57 Ocean Book

“We always defer to Mohawk paper for refined and interesting paper texture, color and sophistication,” said Ryan Heller, President and Creative Director at Helium Creative. “Curious Matter Goya White was selected to evoke the feeling of sand, reflective of 57 Ocean’s beachfront location; while interior sheets are printed on Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Snow with beautiful natural speckling that speaks to the environment and wellness focus at 57 Ocean.”

The design was largely inspired by the paper and dictated much of the direction of the project according to Ryan.

“We always defer to Mohawk paper for refined and interesting paper, texture, color and sophistication.”
Ryan Heller
President and Creative Director, Helium Creative

57 Ocean Spread 2
75 Ocean Spread 1

"We thought mostly how the end-user would interact with the book on a tactile level, and allowed the design to then fall into place," Ryan concluded.

Every project is about something, be it luxurious oceanfront residences or single origin chocolate. Finding textures in the content, products or stories that you can emulate with paper allows you to match texture and content.

Even a brand without physical texture has a character or emotion to convey. Match textures to character — find the texture that best represents the essence of your brand.

Be open to an array of options. You don't need 100% texture match to achieve a striking effect, as evident by Helium Creative's masterful execution of matching texture to character.

Production Notes

Print Process
Offset Printing
Saddle Stitching
Helium Creative

Materials Used

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