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The Making of Maker Quarterly Issue No. 15: The Materials Issue


Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 15 is all about materials.

In concept, design and on-press, we dialed up the materiality of Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 15 and let paper color and texture take lead. If you think of materials as an emotional filter — color, texture and form reveal how we feel about what we see and read. This short video brings you in to the press room and inside what makes Issue 15 a colorful celebration of print as object and powerful emotional experience.


Chris Harrold, SVP Marketing + Creative, Mohawk: Every issue of the Maker Quarterly is organized around the topic; in this case, it’s materials — and more specifically, the paper. This is about exposing designers to a new toolset; it’s like a fresh box of colored pencils.

Colored paper is an untapped tool in the toolkit of graphic design.

Larry Westlake, EVP, Sandy Alexander: Well one of the things that the Maker’s Quarterlies have done is, is that it’s the sort of the “What are they going to do next?”

Printing on colored paper does add a completely different twist to most projects. The beauty part of this piece is that not all of the color is designed to conceal the paper, it’s actually to use the paper as a component of color.

Paper becomes part of the design more than it ever did before.

“This is about exposing designers to a new toolset; it’s like a fresh box of colored pencils. Colored paper is an untapped tool in the toolkit of graphic design.”
Chris Harrold
SVP Marketing + Creative, Mohawk

Art Bush, Color Scientist, Sandy Alexander:  You want to enhance, and take advantage of the paper. If you had like a cyan image, and if you put yellow underneath it, you’d get a really bright green image.

Harrold: How can you make print really compelling and really… motivational? I think it becomes a unique and differentiated experience if you experiment with materials.

This, the latest issue of the Quarterly, we kind of dialed up the volume on the material properties and sort of the object quality of, of printed objects by using colored paper, deep colored papers, light colored papers, metallic papers, using Crane’s Lettra with thermography.

When you put it all together in this kit of multiple pieces, it’s like this explosion of objects that are super interesting.

Ana Bourdiel, Production Coordinator, Sandy Alexander: There’s so many things that you could do when you’re mixing the ink and the paper, and I believe with the Q15 being out there, it’s just going to open the doors for those designers to say, “Wait a minute.. I, I see myself using this paper.”

Everything can be done. It’s just a matter of playing with the artwork, incorporating the paper, and making things just… beautiful.

Production Notes

Print Process
Digital Printing
Materials + Techniques
Match Colors
Metallic Inks
White Ink
Singer Sewn
Offset Printing Capabilities
4 Color
Hybrid Design

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