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Mohawk Maker Quarterly #12: Partnership


We tend to romanticize the mythology of the solo creative genius. However, humanity’s greatest achievements have happened when people—two or two thousand—worked together.

For the 12th issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, we celebrate the partnerships that underpin notable projects today—and that helped bring life to influential work in the past.

Since its 2013 debut, the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, has explored the landscape of creative expression through the lens of a single topic with each carefully curated issue. In issue twelve, partnership is the focal point selected by Hybrid Design as an organizing principle for the design and content. The Partnership issue explores the ebb and flow of partnerships from 18th century patrons to 21st century communes. Through the use of imagery and text, each feature article explores the dynamic tension inherent to any partnership, be it accidental or intentional, adversarial or collegial.


“Partnership takes many different forms, but when we collaborate with those who challenge, support and inspire us, we can create some of our most satisfying work. It allows us to produce work that’s bigger than the sum of its parts. And it’s a whole lot more fun too.”
Dora Drimalas
Principal of Hybrid Design


Issue twelve was designed in a 9.75 x 13.25” perfect-bound format with a die cut dust jacket and contrasting cover paper to create three unique versions, each with foil stamped mastheads. The pages of this issue are designed with short sheet photo essays in support of the feature articles, creating a harmonious balance of full-bleed photography and text forms. Throughout the book, twelve different paper stocks are used allowing an exploration of 4 color process and match color duotones on white, off-white, colored and textured papers.

As with past issues, #12 contains a special artifact, intended support the narrative. In this case we have enclosed a 5 x 7” card with coordinating envelope featuring one of 12 designs with foil, letterpress and offset.

Feature articles include:

Patron Saint
Established by patrons from San Francisco during WWII, Pond Farm was a creative sanctuary for artists.
Bryn Mooth
Take it on The Court
Basketball Courts become the ultimate canvas for international artists.
John Dugan
An Interview with KAWS
A peek inside a career oscillating between street art, limited-run figurines and large scale sculptural work.
Brian Flynn
The New Commune
This modern take on communes is a tech-driven reaction to lonely metropolis living.
Emily Gosling
The Art of Rivalry
A celebrated rivalry between Ford and Ferrari proves to be a most fascinating manifestation of partnership.
A.J. Baime
The Artifacts of Connection
Written correspondence leaves a powerful and evocative trail of artifacts in our lives.
Alyson Kuhn
Speaking Placee
UK artist Tim Etchells’ powerful installations combine typography and place.
Jessie Kuhn

The Movement: The Power of 2

Every issue we celebrate makers of all types, in this issue we have chosen creative teams of two.

Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue twelve features the following makers:

  • Yonder Journal, Cultural Anthropologists, Portland, OR
  • Dion,  Ceramics Studio, Oakland, CA
  • Sing Sing, Animation, Photography and Design Studio, Los Angeles, CA
  • Gutsy Girl, Book: Escapades for your Life of Epic Adventure, United States
  • Peter Zelewski, Photographer, London, UK
  • Wood. Concrete. Brick, Phaidon Press, London, UK
  • Nakashima Furniture, Woodworkers, New Hope, PA
  • Thomassons, Hyperart Series, Tokyo, Japan

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue twelve was skillfully printed by Sandy Alexander, Inc., Clifton, NJ, using four color printing, match green, match orange, match brown, match blue, match gold, match gray, foil and spot dull varnish. Postcards were artfully letterpress printed and foil stamped by Aldine, New York, NY.

Production Notes

Print Process
Foil Stamping
Offset Printing
Materials + Techniques
Match Colors
Perfect Bound
Hybrid Design

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