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Mohawk Maker Quarterly #11: Process


The process of making something — method, materials, ingredients, artistry, experience — is the squiggly line between idea and object. In issue 11 of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, we celebrate makers who take conscious paths to get from Point A to Point B.

Since its debut in 2013, the Mohawk Maker Quarterly has explored the landscape of creative expression in print. In this latest issue we focus on process as our topic. The five chapters that make up issue eleven look at the process of making and the often circuitous journey involved. Each chapter maps the paths makers take to get from start to finish and how process can influence, shape and define the end product.

Dora Drimalas, Principal of Hybrid Design adds, “On the path from Point A to Point B, it’s the ‘to’ that makes all the difference. We spend a lot of time in the steps between concept and completion: sketching possibilities, refining the strongest ideas, crafting the details and executing the finished products. In this issue we’re mapping those paths in order to better understand how different techniques, tools, even workspaces, yield transformative work.”

“We hope the Process Issue reveals how the journey itself can be the destination through the story of makers and creatives whose process defines their product,” adds Chris Harrold, VP and Creative Director at Mohawk.


Early in the design process, the team at Hybrid chose an 8.25 x 10.75” sketchbook size format to echo the theme of the issue. The 80 pages of issue eleven are made up of five signatures, showing five different Mohawk papers whose unique characteristics are a direct result of the papermaking process. Open, smyth sewn bindery and a tactile, rough edge trim all suggest an “in-process” feel for this issue.


Throughout, the design team has incorporated expansive footnotes to bring the reader inside the process of making this special issue; from notes about paper, the creation of illustrations and even the volume of coffee consumed by the design team from start to finish.

The Process Issue is divided into five chapters:

  1. Beginnings – Printed on Mohawk Via Felt, Light Gray 80 text/118gsm
  2. Participation – Printed on Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum, Husk 80 text/118gsm
  3. Place – Printed on Mohawk Options Smooth, 100% PC Cream White, 80 text/118gsm
  4. Practice – Printed on Mohawk Via Laid, Natural, 70 text/104gsm
  5. Product – Printed on Mohawk Loop Linen, Restful Blue, 70 text/104gsm

Feature articles include:

Out of Line
The Incredible Creative Impact of Sketching by Patrick Sisson A closer look at how putting pen to paper in search of something new is a powerful creative catalyst.
Patrick Sisson
When our digital lives claim too much territory from our physical ones, do we as people become less defined?
Jordan Kushins
Process Defines Product
From cheese to music to paper, the method of making is fundamental to that which is made.
Bryn Moooth, Kirstin Jackson, Erin Osmon
Inside the Mill a photo essay
Step inside the Mohawk Mills and see where four generations have built an American legacy of fine papermaking.
Jeff Dey
Working to Code
For artist Tom Sachs, there is the right way, the wrong way, and his way.
John Dugan
Design Thinking is Dead. Long Live Design
Design is a whole brain exercise. And exercise that young designers may be missing in today’s factory system of design.
Dora Drimalas

Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue eleven features the following makers:

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue eleven was skillfully printed by Sandy Alexander, Inc., Clifton, NJ, using four color printing, match green, match pink, match blue, match light blue and spot dull varnish. Bindery was artfully executed by Bassil Book Binding and Finishing, Hackensack, NJ.

Production Notes

Print Process
Offset Printing
Materials + Techniques
Match Colors
Smyth Sewn
Hybrid Design

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