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Mohawk Maker Quarterly #9: Inspiration


After two years of publication, the ninth issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly has been refreshed and redesigned, serendipitously themed around the concept of inspiration.

Mohawk and San Francisco-based Hybrid Design present a new layout with this issue. Caleb Kozlowski, Hybrid’s Design Director, explains the catalyst for the redesign: “Over the last two years and eight issues we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what inspiration means. A restless creative wanderlust marks those of us who make, and hints that underneath the flash and excitement that often accompanies inspiration is something more fundamental: change.”


Chris Harrold, Mohawk’s Vice President of Business Development and Creative Director adds, “Inspiration disrupts, it challenges. It can come from the smallest source and inform massive change. It motivates people to take bold action to pursue their dreams. Inspiration opens our eyes, changes our thinking, upends our lives in the best ways. We’re thrilled with the direction of change Hybrid is steering for the Maker Quarterly, and we’re eagerly anticipating an enthusiastic response from readers.”

Issue nine features a selection of six distinctive colored and textured papers drawn from the following Mohawk paper grades: Carnival + Via, Loop, as well a custom designed letterpress insert on the new ultra-thick and luxurious Mohawk Superfine Eggshell 150 Cover.

Caleb Kozlowski explains the design inspiration from a paper standpoint, “We had been thinking about the design change in terms of paper. When we began the Maker Quarterly series two years ago, we began designing each issue within one specific paper grade. This is the Superfine issue, this is the Loop issue; now it’s evolved, and it’s not just about one grade per issue, it’s about how the papers can work together to make something special.”

The cover of this issue has noticeable changes at first glance.
It includes not one, but three deconstructed covers.

The cover of this issue has noticeable changes at first glance. This issue includes not one, but three deconstructed covers. Cover one is a striking 8.75 x 8.75” wrap featuring Mohawk Carnival Vellum, Yellow 70 text, which describes the essence of issue nine and the topic of inspiration. The wrap opens to a table of contents and the reveal of a second cover.

Cover two features a stunning design by Sister Corita Kent beautifully showcased on Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum, Milkweed, 80 text.

Cover three leads the reader to the issue’s feature story: ‘I Quit.’  The 9.75 x 13.25” cover features black and white photography of an enormous crashing wave printed on Mohawk Loop Laid, Pure White 70 text. Inverted text design communicates the editorial perspective: those who’ve taken the plunge and left a comfortable existence for the thrill of the unknown.

“We are excited about the material play with color and texture on the multiple covers. You see the vibrant Carnival Vellum Yellow wrap, and also a deep blue and a peek of neon pink and orange on Loop Antique Vellum. It demonstrates how materials can make a big impact both visually and texturally.”
Dora Drimalas
Principal of Hybrid Design

Redrawing the Future of a Lost Typeface
Inspiration from an unlikely source serves as the catalyst for a Swiss-born type designer to revamp a forgotten Cold War-era 1940s typeface.
Jessie Kuhn

With each issue, the Hybrid design team pushes the boundaries of creative expression. Issue nine is certainly no exception. Featuring a new masthead and rule design element which signifies connection and continuity, the 9.75 x 13” publication inspires from cover(s) to cover.

Content wise, issue nine is different too. “There are elements that are expected and comfortable and others that are odd or unusual, but we’re talking about the subject of inspiration, and inspiration comes from really unusual places sometimes,” said Kozlowski.

Issue nine of the Maker Quarterly  includes the following featured articles:

Collecting Inspiration
Meet the modern day anthropologists who are inspired by collecting and share in their discoveries.
Jessie Kuhn
I Quit
We’ve all fantasized about it: quitting your day job to pursue your dreams on your terms – following your inspiration wherever it leads. A tale of seven creatives who quit and lived to tell the tale may inspire you to set out and forge your own trail.
Grace Dobush
The Power Wielded by Color
Color penetrates the psyche from Artic white-out conditions to buildings in the slums transformed to a rainbow of possibilities.
Jessie Kuhn
A Day in the Life
Following the work and life of graffiti artist Stephen Powers, also known as ESPO. The issue also contains a limited-edition print commissioned for Mohawk by Powers. The print supports the message of chasing inspiration, and is beautifully letterpressed.
Jessie Kuhn

A variety of talented makers are featured in issue nine, including:

  • Taxi Fabric
  • Hannah Waldron
  • ODESD2
  • Alexandra Kehayoglou
  • Fabrice Le Nezet
  • Charles Freger
  • FiveAM

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 09 was skillfully printed by Sandy Alexander, Inc., Clifton, NJ.

Production Notes

Print Process
Offset Printing
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Match Colors
Saddle Stitching
Hybrid Design

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Mohawk Maker Quarterly #9: Inspiration

After two years of publication, the ninth issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly has been refreshed and redesigned, serendipitously themed around the concept of inspiration.

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