Mohawk Renewal was born out of a desire to redefine the contours of how we source fiber and expand the existing definition of sustainable papermaking. By rediscovering old fiber sources like hemp, straw and cotton rag, we uncovered a new path forward. You might say we looked to the past to discover the future.

Mohawk's world-class engineers have devised a process that allows the mill to continue to create the beautiful, high-performance sheets Mohawk is renowned for using rapidly renewable resources. The fibers Mohawk has chosen for its groundbreaking line are all annual crops, which regenerate in a year or less. By using scraps that would've otherwise been disposed of, we're reducing waste and pollution while creating something beautiful.

Fiber Stories

Mohawk Renewal
Hemp, unlike trees, grows rapidly, maturing as quickly as 90 days. Turning hemp into pulp requires less chemicals, water, and energy than wood.
Mohawk Renewal
Making paper with straw eliminates the need for the annual "fall burns" set by farmers to clear straw from their fields, creating acrid smoke and carbon emissions.
Mohawk Renewal
Recycled Cotton paper is made from t-shirt and denim scraps, diverted from the 10.5 million tons of clothing waste Americans send to landfills every year.