Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Mohawk Makes a Difference

In everything we do at Mohawk, we’re committed to being part of the solution. Social responsibility and corporate stewardship are woven into the fabric of our culture and business practices. From ensuring the future of the resources we depend on to streamlining the way we work, from investing in employees and communities to creating value for our customers, we’re committed to making a positive impact wherever and however we can.

Mohawk and the Environment

We believe that business and industry have the creative capital and financial incentive to find innovative solutions to the most pressing environmental issues of our day: climate change, depletion of natural resources, and dependence on fossil fuels. We accept our responsibility to create a sustainable business, and commit ourselves to a leadership role in reducing the environmental impact of business practices.

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Employee Initiatives

Our employees are active in the community – not just the local towns they live in but the larger community we’re all a part of. Each year they volunteer their time for local charitable events, and contribute time and money to local and national organizations such as United Way, Walk for a Cure, JDRF, Cancer Walk, Relay for Life, charity: water, and Regional Food Bank. Mohawk supports employee initiatives and leadership by providing volunteer time and matching grants.

Corporate Initiatives

In addition to supporting our employees, Mohawk sponsors and takes an active leadership role in diverse organizations such as AIGA, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, United States EPA Climate Leaders, and FSC North America Economic Council. We also support nonprofits such as Design Ignites Change and charity: water. In programs such as these we have one simple goal: to be a positive catalyst for change.