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Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue #3: Pride in the Details


Craftsmanship and attention to detail define excellence in any discipline. The third issues of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly and the Mohawk Craft Cooperative focus on the importance of the details, one of Mohawk’s core business beliefs.

Detail is the heart of craftsmanship. It’s the soul of your work and the reason why customers admire it. To underscore the message and further showcase the tactile beauty of fine paper, the issues are printed on Mohawk Strathmore, widely regarded as the finest writing, letterhead and social stationery paper made today.

Article: The Story of Strathmore by Bryn Mooth
A century-plus reputation for quality and craftsmanship

The third issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly is printed on Mohawk Strathmore Pure Cotton paper, an ultra-premium 100% cotton paper made from the finest cotton pulps. Its crisp, starched, wove finish projects an image of elegance while demonstrating the ultimate in craftsmanship and detail.

Strathmore Pure Cotton paper and the Mohawk Maker Quarterly both proudly display the prestigious Strathmore watermark, another hallmark of this luxurious, historic and distinctive brand.

Also featured in the Mohawk Maker Quarterly is an original poster by Jessica Hische, a talented letterer and graphic designer. Jessica Hische is known for her Daily Drop Cap project, as well as many beautiful illustrative works such as collaboration with Penguin booksBarnes & Noble Classics, the new MailChimp identity, and much more.

"The details that’s what the world is made of" quote from Wes Anderson
Featured in a centerfold poster by Jessica Hische

The centerfold reveals a bold and unexpected surprise: the poster illustration featuring the Wes Anderson quote, “The details that’s what the world is made of,” is an original commissioned for Mohawk.

Article: Curating the Details by Dora Drimalas
An interview with Ellen Lupton, curator at the Cooper Hewitt
The Movement
A selection of stories and photos highlighting extraordinary makers

Additional content in this issue includes Curating the Details, an interview with Ellen Lupton, curator of the Cooper Hewitt, and The Movement a selection of stories and photos highlighting extraordinary makers, including:

  • Gabriel Dawe, Installation artist, Dallas, Texas
  • Williams-Handmade, Traditionally crafted leather goods, Worcester, England
  • Daniele Papuli, Maker of paper sculpture installations, Milan, Italy
  • Ramen Shop, Chez Panisse alums turned ramen masters, Oakland, CA
  • Jeff Canham, Traditional sign painter and designer, San Francisco, CA
  • Olympic Provisions, European style, handcrafted charcuterie, Portland, OR
  • Guy Laramee, Artist who transforms books into landscapes, Montreal, Canada
  • Zim and Zou, Artist duo specializing in paper sculptures, Nancy, France
  • Upstate, Garment makers using the Shibori technique, Brooklyn, NY
  • Eric Standley, A fine artist of the utmost detail, Blacksburg, VA
  • Beauty’s Bagel Shop, Makers of Montreal-style, wood-fired bagels, Oakland, CA

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue three was designed by Hybrid Design, San Francisco, CA. Printed on Mohawk Strathmore Pure Cotton (100% Cotton), Ultimate White 28 Writing (105gsm). Four color process printing by Sandy Alexander, Clifton , NJ.

Cover of the Craft Cooperative #3
Issue three focuses on 'The Business of Details'

The Mohawk Craft Cooperative #3

“It’s attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning,” says Francis Atterbury of Hurtwood Press. We couldn’t agree more, which is why Mr. Atterbury’s quote is featured on a full page fold-out poster in the third issue of the Mohawk Craft Cooperative.

The Mohawk Craft Cooperative is a quarterly publication designed to appeal to printers by restoring their belief in the power of craftsmanship in the midst of a digital world.

Detail of the Craft Cooperative #3
This issue features articles designed to inspire print professionals to grow their business

Issue three focuses on The Business of Details, and highlights the beautifully tactile properties of Mohawk Strathmore Premium, Super Smooth, Ultimate White, 65 cover. The Strathmore Premium line features a sophisticated palette of 26 beautiful shades, nine distinctive textures, and ten basis weights ranging from 24 writing to 160 cover.

This issue features articles designed to inspire print professionals to grow their business. The Print Buyer Field Guide helps printers focus their sales strategy by taking a closer look at their clients’ needs and motivations. The guide breaks down seven customers of print, outlining key business drivers for each customer, and providing tips on how print professionals can connect with customers to close a sale.

The issue closes with an introduction to the Mohawk Printer Resource Team, a brief history of Strathmore paper, and thoughts from industry leaders, including Luke Pontifell, President & Publisher, Thornwillow Press, Ltd, and Francis Atterbury, Director, Artisan Books Limited.

Designed by Hybrid Design, San Francisco, CA, the Mohawk Craft Cooperative issue three is printed on Mohawk Strathmore Premium, Super Smooth, Ultimate White, 65 cover (176gsm); and was printed four color process by Sandy Alexander, Clifton, NJ.

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