Forestry is a major focus of the global sustainability movement because there are significant consequences to poor forestry practices, including loss of biodiversity, flooding and climate change.

Mohawk does not own or manage forest land. As a non-integrated paper manufacturer, Mohawk does not engage in timber harvesting, direct forest product procurement or wood processing. Mohawk purchases pulp from reputable sources that hold third party certification for their environmental and forest management practices. As one of the largest consumers of market pulp in the U.S., Mohawk can drive compliance through its supply chain.

We believe that FSC is a robust forest management and certification program. With its controls at every stage of the supply chain, FSC is a reliable system for assessment and mitigation of risks regarding involvement with illegal timber harvesting. Through the FSC certification programs, the source and legality of wood fiber is well documented.

Using high amounts of post consumer waste fiber is an important way to reduce pressure on forest lands and Mohawk is a leading producer of recycled paper. We were the first paper manufacturer in the U.S. to receive Green Seal certification.  Every year we use thousands of tons of post consumer fiber in the production of our fine papers.