Forestry is a major focus of the global sustainability movement, now that the consequences of clear cutting and irresponsible forestry are becoming apparent in terms of loss of biodiversity, flooding and climate change.

Mohawk does not own forest lands. Instead, we purchase a variety of postconsumer and virgin hardwood and softwood fiber pulps. As one of the largest consumers of market pulp in the U.S., Mohawk can drive compliance through its supply chain. We source FSC-certified fiber where possible and have notified our fiber suppliers that we will not accept fiber harvested from high conservation-value old growth forests. We require documentation demonstrating sound environmental practices and responsible forestry management, which is enforced by regular surveys.

Using high amounts of postconsumer waste fiber is an important way to reduce pressure on forest lands and Mohawk is a leading producer of recycled paper. We were the first paper manufacturer in the U.S. to receive Green Seal certification.  We used over 23,000 tons of postconsumer fiber in 2010, which essentially eliminated the harvest of 552,000 trees.