Mohawk Show Maker Grants

The Mohawk Show recognizes and rewards the best design work printed on Mohawk Paper. But The Mohawk Show is about more than recognition—we want to help amazing designers create more amazing work. The Mohawk Show Maker Grants give back more than just a line on your resume—they give you the opportunity to make more for making’s sake, not for a client’s RFP. No deadlines, no constraints, just pure, unbridled “let’s make.”

The Best in Show
Maker Grant Residency

with Crane & Co.

The winner will receive the first-ever Crane Residency: An all-expense-paid week where you will have all the equipment and expertise Crane & Co. has to offer to bring your passion project to life. You will collaborate with Crane Craftspeople, branch out, and explore for inspiration.


Crane & Co.
Tourists Welcome


Mass MoCA
Crane & Co.

Maker Grants

Winners have the opportunity to choose from an impressive list of talented printers to collaborate with on a personal project of their choosing. From block printing to digital printing, engraving to letterpress, there is a print medium for just about any project you can imagine.


Large Scale Letterpress
with Neu Haus Press

Located in Portland, OR, Neu Haus Press was founded by Chris Chandler, who spent 30 years working as a tour manager and sound engineer, sharing his passion for letterpress by collaborating with artists like The Flaming Lips on their iconic artwork.

Neu Haus Press has produced letterpress tour posters for noteworthy acts such as Billie Eilish, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, and Death Cab for Cutie, but the studio is most known for their Alpha-Blox series. By re-envisioning the font in large woodblock form and by printing on his Vandercook 232P, Chandler has created billboards as large as 14’ x 20.'


Screen Printing
with Mama's Sauce

Mama's Sauce is a craft printer known for its boutique spot color printing and specialty printing. Mama's Sauce works with people around the world to bring their print projects, packaging, and paper products into living color.

“Screen printing is a print process that is thousands of years old, yet shockingly viable today,” says Mama’s Sauce. “A lot of people think of shirts and signs when they hear about it, but we think paper. We think to whatever mind-blowing things that you want to do on paper, from packaging to posters to business cards.”


with Rohner Press

Since 1997, Rohner Press has been a collaborative printing partner working at the intersection of design, hand-craftsmanship and full-scale manufacturing. Their mission is to foster meaningful and collaborative relationships with their clients, and we think they could be your perfect print partner to produce something supremely beautiful and tactile using Letterpress printing.

Through the alchemy of a timeless printing technique and the best materials available, you could work with Rohner to create something unique and exceptional.


Digital or Offset Printing
with Sandy Alexander

Mohawk has partnered with Sandy Alexander for years to produce the Mohawk Maker Quarterly that you know and love — and now's your chance to partner with Sandy on your next digital or offset printing project.

Sandy Alexander are experts in color science management and digital printing who will work diligently with you to bring your vision to life in vivid color. From speed, to iteration, to experimentation, digital printing is a tool that has evolved to meet the nimble needs of the modern maker, while tried-and-true offset offers consistent quality and color fidelity.


with Norman's Printery

Norman's Printery are purveyors of fine printed goods and print and packaging experts. As liner, an outer wrap, or a decorative bellyband, the use of tactile fine paper, coupled with Norman's expertise, can do wonders to elevate the aesthetic quality and the structural integrity of a box.

You make beautiful objects. Why not make your next with a print studio that specializes in packaging for all makers of beautiful objects? 


Bespoke Printing
with Thornwillow Press

Thornwillow Press, owned and operated by Luke Pontifell, is committed to bridging the world of hand-craftsmanship and technology. Limited edition books, custom business cards, unique engraved invitations: these are just a few of the many things made at Thornwillow Press.

The Mohawk Show:
The awards that give back making 

Call for Entries to The Mohawk Show has ended.