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The Lakehouse condominiums located on Sloan’s Lake in Denver, Colorado are a cutting-edge upscale option for those looking to move into the growing Denver area.  This 12-story building is the first of its kind, and aims to capture the essence of waterfront living while providing an urban feel for both young-professionals and rocky mountain enthusiasts.  To help sell such a premium property, Lakehouse wanted to create a brochure which reflected the feel and image of their remarkable space.

In this new series called The Making Of,  we will dive into the printer’s experience with creating the Lakehouse brochure; and investigate the processes used to turn Mohawk paper into a beautiful book.


Modern. Elegant. Inspiring.

We reached out to Sprint Denver Inc. to discuss their experiences working with the designer (Ellen Bruss Design) and creating the final product for Lakehouse.


1) Tell us more about this project:

We were approached by Ellen Bruss Design to print and manage a high end real estate brochure with accompanying collateral.  We ended up doing draw downs to match a particular color that the designer wanted to achieve.  This new color was called “special mix cream.”  We then created mock-ups with different thread colors as well as placement for the side sewn bindery process to help narrow down the options.

2) Why did you choose Mohawk Options?

This was specified by Ellen Bruss Design — they wanted an uncoated stock but not anything that was “too clean and smooth or too earthy and textured.”  We then sent them some printed samples for review; and the samples printed on Mohawk Options were exactly what the designer was looking for.  They thought Mohawk Options helped communicate a high-end feel and produced great image quality for their piece. We have worked with this paper in the past and it prints beautifully.


3) Can you provide more detail about the production?  Printing and finishing?

The brochure was printed on Mohawk Options Vellum, Crystal White 100 cover.  We then used InDesign files furnished with high resolution scans, die-line for the pocket and litho deboss in position to prepare this job.  After a press check, we began to print using four color process with PMS (matching the Special Mix Cream that we created for the project).

When the piece was ready for finishing we began binding the pages with a box score spine and hinge score cover.  Cotton thread was used inside the score on the front cover where the pages break.  There was a pocket in the back used for an additional insert — this was sewn in between the last page of text and the back cover to add a dimensional element to the piece.


4) What was the biggest challenge you faced creating the catalog?

Typically we have a production meeting to try and address any concerns going into the project so that we don’t have to overcome challenges during the production process.  There were some really difficult crossovers throughout the brochure; we had to mathematically figure out how to print these.  This involved several mock-ups of the pages after they were sewn for the crossovers to look exactly right.

The mock-up process also ensured the folios were in the same place throughout the brochure.  When inserting the pocket we used a piece of chipboard between the last page of text and the pocket so that the pressure when sewing wouldn’t indent the last page of text.

5) What was your clients feedback?

The client loved the finished piece.  These apartments are still in construction and they really needed something that communicated what it will be like living in a Lakehouse condominium.  All of the largest units are filling up and we believe that the look and feel of the book set the tone for these sales.  Mohawk Options helped communicate exactly what the client needed!

Through the Designer's Lens
To learn more about the design of this piece, check out our feature article on Felt & Wire.  Be sure to let us know your thoughts below!
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  1. Posted by Marc Z on 4.18.17 at 4:36 pm

    Stunning design and print on Mohawk Options, thank you for the detailed information!

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