3 Reasons Why Your Customers will Love Synthetics


Caribbean sunsets. Powdery-sand beaches. Tranquil ocean views. A few months ago, we heard a story of a couple celebrating their honeymoon at an incredible five-star all-inclusive resort. According to our couple, it was apparent that the staff took great pride in ensuring every square foot of the premise exuded elegance, and they left having had a wonderful time.

One thing, however, stood out to them. While in the pool one afternoon, they visited the swim-up bar and picked up the poolside menu to browse beverage options. To their disappointment, water had seeped under the peeled lamination leaving a product that was completely saturated. They were left holding a soggy, flimsy, and illegible drink menu. For a resort that had so clearly thought out every meticulous detail, this left a slightly unpleasant impression.

It was clear that the menu had represented an ideal opportunity for the use of synthetic media. Synthetics offer tremendous benefits to your customers. Here are 3 reasons why they will love them:

1. Quality

From their ability to resist moisture and grease, to their inability to be torn or ripped, Mohawk Synthetic products offer the flexibility of traditional paper that your customers have grown accustomed to, with the added benefit of long-lasting durability. 

Imagine how the couple’s experience may have been different had the resort used a synthetic substrate for their menu. It would have felt durable to the touch and most importantly, it would have been legible. They could have even literally dropped it in the pool (maybe after a few drinks) and simply wiped it dry to be used by the next guest. 

In addition to being nearly indestructible, Mohawk’s Premium Polyester Line of products contains a special top coating, making printed output alcohol resistant.  This is especially useful in restaurant or hospital settings where prints are reused, requiring frequent sanitation.

2. Flexibility

From waterproof documents, menus, and horticulture tags to playing cards, maps and event passes, your customers are certain to appreciate the endless possibilities Mohawk Synthetic products enable. A variety of available products including Polyester, Synthetic Paper, Rigid Vinyl and even pre-perforated Dimensional sheets make it easy and affordable for your customers to find the right synthetic film for their project. 

Best of all is the cost savings customers enjoy by avoiding lamination and labor expenses, while still receiving the benefits of a durable, long-lasting print. Let’s look at some numbers:

Laminating Cost Chart

3. Environmental Options

For customers who want to express a commitment to the environment Mohawk Synthetics may be the perfect choice. Mohawk offers a unique recycled synthetic for those clients requiring post consumer materials. Mohawk Recycled Polyester contains 30% PCW which is made using recycled beverage bottles. Many Mohawk Synthetic products offer the advantage of being more environmentally friendly than paper that is laminated, as laminated sheets are not recyclable. Several of the synthetic products in Mohawk’s portfolio can be recycled as a number 7 plastic, while Mohawk Velvet is recyclable as a number 5 plastic. Recycling programs do vary depending on location, and users should check for local  policies and availability. 

What’s Next?

As the organization providing printed output to your customers, how can we be so sure that you will love this substrate? Stay tuned, in an upcoming Mohawk MakeReady article we will help you discover 3 ways that synthetics can make a difference in your print business.

Tips for selling the advantages of Synthetics
  • Show customers what you can do with them. Many may not be aware of this alternative to laminating.
  • Explain how a synthetic substrate can impact cost and turnaround time vs. lamination for your customers.
  • Order some blank sample sheets here online or through your local merchant to produce print samples on your equipment.
  • Remember that prints that are laminated cannot be recycled, while many synthetic products can be.
  • Need more product information? Download a PDF of Mohawk’s Synthetic product catalog.
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