Magnetized materials stick with customers

Okay, confession time: Who still has a 2010 calendar from the bank on their refrigerator because it’s holding up a student masterpiece? People need, like, want magnets! It’s no wonder magnetic products have shown a 20% growth rate in just the past year.

Adding magnetic materials to your in-house list of services is easier to do than you might think. With easy-to-use and cost-efficient equipment, you can instantly transform specially coated unmagnetized digital paper into magnets after printing. From hand-held magnetic rollers and desktop magnetizers to heavy-duty industrial equipment, there’s an option for any size shop to bring this capability in-house.

Magnetize anything and everything!

Beyond the typical — but highly effective — business cards for restaurants and doctors, magnets can carry every kind of message. Magnetizing marketing materials can save those delivery menus from getting tossed in the trash, keep fans on schedule for sports events, eliminate digging through piles of mail looking for save-the-dates, make indoor signage reusable, keep safety instructions visible at all times…and the list goes on as far as your inspiration can take it.

And don’t forget to connect to online opportunities: Print a personalized URL or QR code directly onto the magnet and expand your customers’ opportunities to generate more business. (Plus, it doesn’t hurt to show off your VDP capabilities.)

Picking the right substrate

Mohawk Magnet materials are designed for digital color production presses, including those using dry toner as well as HP Indigo ElectroInk. The papers are initially unmagnetized for ease of printing, and are great for perforating, die cutting, and foil stamping. Mohawk Magnet materials are offered in Semi Gloss Paper, and moisture- and grease-proof Matte Polypropylene. They come in thicknesses ranging from 13 to 17 mil.

Messages that stick around

“The reason a customer purchases magnetic products is that they have a marketing need, and magnets meet that need and then some,” says Eric Bogard, Marketing and Sales manager at “Ultimately, magnetic marketing materials cost less, and the message literally sticks around. If you consider the length of time the message is seen, and the fact that every recipient displays it for others to see, you can understand how much marketing power is packed into a single piece.”

Magnets are also a great medium for generating additional business. Bogard says his experience at shows that customers of magnetized materials tend to be repeat customers…and their visible magnetized messages lead new business your way.


TIPS for production of magnetic materials
– Check Mohawk’s equipment compatibility chart prior to printing. Magnetized materials have different weights and thicknesses than standard substrates.
– Magnetized sheets print simplex and are initially unmagnetized to avoid interference with imaging charges and metal components inside the press. Magnetizing is done after printing.
– Watch your tray feeding sensors while printing. Some sensors mistakenly think the magnet and the top sheet are two separate sheets. This results in a false double feed.
– Magnetizable sheets are heavier than standard sheets. You may want to stack in smaller quantities if you’re moving the sheets from press to bindery without a cart.

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  1. Posted by Joe Schember on 1.26.14 at 6:45 pm

    Hi Mark,

    Currently Mohawk does not recommend any of our magnetic sheets to run through that printer, due to the specifications of the device. We believe our sheets are too thick and heavy when compared specs Xerox publishes for the 560.

    You’re welcome to try samples of any of our unmagnetized sheets through your device’s bypass tray, however Mohawk cannot guarantee performance. Samples are available through your local merchant or online here:

    Joe (Mohawk employee)

  2. Posted by Valentine ( on 5.11.16 at 9:42 am

    Indeed,magnets are really useful,and they rarely get thrown away,which makes them perfect promotional items.

  3. Posted by Eleanor on 8.21.16 at 2:44 pm

    Where can I buy a magnetizer & what is available

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