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#TBT: Labels of exquisite taste from London

If you’re looking for creative inspiration for product packaging or labels, look no further than the collaboration between Blush Letterpress, United Creatives and The London Distillery Company they did back in 2014.

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Six Deliciously Designed Stocking Stuffers

Chocolate packaging, to say the least, is tasty. It fills blogs, pages of magazines, and influences buying behaviors in grocery aisles, boutiques, and specialty food stores alike. Something about chocolate and good design just walk hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to gourmet and artisan chocolate. It’s an industry that just seems to “get” the deliciousness of good design and thoughtful packaging. In fact, when Vanity Fair featured chocolatiers and brothers Rick and Michael Mast, founders of Mast Brothers, the article stated: “The hefty paper with its fanciful designs has attracted as much a following as their dark chocolate itself.”

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Remarkable Spirits for Remarkable People

Joseph A. Magnus was just a boy of six when his father was killed in the Civil War. He, his mother, and his three siblings struggled after the war and, at age 12, Magnus went to work while still in school, taking on the role of patriarch and provider. Even at that young age, it was clear he was driven to be successful.

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