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These Compendium Cards Celebrates the Written Word

Have you ever needed that perfect greeting to let someone know you’re sorry? What about trying to find a birthday card that wasn’t generic? If you’re looking for amusing cards that celebrates the love of the written word, the In Other Words… card line has got you covered.

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A Very Superfine Anniversary: 70 Years of Timeless Appeal

Think of Superfine as the little black dress of paper. It makes everything look good, from letterpress wedding invitations to digitally printed posters. In a world of so many choices, every designer needs a trusted, go-to paper they can count on, especially when they are in a pinch, and Superfine has been just that to many creatives for 70 years. Yes, you read that correctly—70 years.

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Paper is Part of the Picture

Does pink signify modern and bold? Or does it seem soft and feminine? Perception of color—including context, culture and personal preferences—shapes our response to the colors we see. Perception of color is why red signifies “stop” when you see it on the street, and “love” when you see it in the greeting card aisle. It’s why color has different meanings across the globe. It’s why the client says she hates purple.

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On The Wire: The Perfect (Paper) Accessory

Today, guest blogger, Sarah Schwartz, editor of Stationery Trends and The Paper Chronicles, brings us the story of KL (heart) JF, a card collaboration between Palm Beach stylist Katherine Lande and Jason Arbuckle, creative director of J. Falkner Cards.

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#TBT: Labels of exquisite taste from London

If you’re looking for creative inspiration for product packaging or labels, look no further than the collaboration between Blush Letterpress, United Creatives and The London Distillery Company they did back in 2014.

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The Haptic Power of Paper

hap•tic  or hap•tical adj. [<Gk. haptesthai, to touch.] Of or pertaining to the sense of touch.

When you are selling premium leather riding gear, haptic perception is what it’s all about.

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