On The Wire: Designer to Watch, Stacie Bloomfield


Today, guest blogger, Sarah Schwartz, editor of Stationery Trends and The Paper Chronicles, chats with one of Stationery Trends’ Top Ten 2016 Designers to Watch about her career, inspiration and thoughts about paper. Today, Sarah introduces us to Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber.

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Brand and Perception


Writer, educator and consultant Debbie Millman is at the forefront of understanding how companies develop smart, effective brands for their products and services. Her book “Brand Thinking” features insightful interviews with prominent practitioners. We invited Debbie to discuss what makes successful brands so good at shaping consumer perception.

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Chicago gets a glimpse of the Strathmore Archive

20416 Mohawk Strathmore

The Strathmore Archive is a treasure trove of over 100 years of rare, historic and beautiful Strathmore paper promotions. Since its discovery, we have been hosting special events and pop-up exhibitions across North America to unveil and share selections from the archive with design enthusiasts and to celebrate Stathmore’s legacy.

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The Haptic Power of Paper


hap•tic  or hap•tical adj. [<Gk. haptesthai, to touch.] Of or pertaining to the sense of touch.

When you are selling premium leather riding gear, haptic perception is what it’s all about.

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15 years of Milton Glaser and the Cooperstown Summer Music Festival

2016-poster1 large image

The Cooperstown Summer Music Festival was founded by flutist and Artistic Director, Linda Chesis in 1999.  Since then, hundreds of performances have featured world-renowned musicians and artists.

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Champions of Craft: Olimpia Zagnoli, Jacobsen Salt, Shelter Social Club


We know that materials matter, and the right materials can take a project from good to great. In issue number eight of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, we explore a variety of brands that deliver experiences to their customers through the materials they use. Today we follow up with three companies that truly embrace this concept.

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