Extraordinary letterpress Declaration

lead diptych

Mindy Belloff of Intima Press has produced an exquisite re-creation of the 1777 Goddard Declaration of Independence, employing the techniques of its day: set one letter at a time, printed letterpress on period-style paper. Here, Arianna Orland explores with Belloff the challenges involved in crafting this extraordinary facsimile … and why we should carefully consider the Declaration’s relevance today.

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3Qs: Sean Adams has 3 questions (+1) for Debbie Millman

fail safe4

Debbie Millman has a disease, and it is contagious: Empyreanosis, a chronic condition of optimism and energy. When I see Debbie, I think, “How does she do it? Is Mountain Dew involved?” She will sit down with a group of people who are typically in awe of her, and by the time they part, everyone is excited and energized about making things better. And she actually reads books. When we talk, I pretend I’ve read something other than my usual nighttime Blueberries for Sal and nod a lot. I’m lucky to have Debbie in my life.

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Design Destinations: Crème Carmel


[Alyson Kuhn] A stamp-portunity presented itself while I was in Carmel, Calif., earlier this month: The new U.S. Express Mail stamp depicts the Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur, illustrated by veteran stamp artist Dan Cosgrove. So we motored down the coast, and my friend Vinz Koller took my picture on the brink of the bridge. My postal prop is an envelope for Terry McCaffrey, manager of Stamp Development for the USPS.

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Blog it forward

Looking for some creative inspiration? Check out the incredible collection of design bloggers participating in Blog It Forward, the first blogger mashup started by Victoria Smith, self-professed design junkie at sfgirlbybay.com. [LS]

Design Destinations: Spencers of Carmel is a stationery star


[Alyson Kuhn] Welcome to Spencers Stationery — and to the first in our Design Destinations series showcasing stationery stores of note. For decades, Spencers was a fixture on Ocean Avenue, the main downtown thoroughfare in Carmel, Calif. Some years ago, the store decamped to The Crossroads, a shopping complex at the mouth of Carmel Valley. On my two recent visits, I found that Spencers is still stellar — with a superb selection of paper goodies.

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A swell Decibel from Volume


Our design friends at Volume in San Francisco are offering a really cool poster history of the San Francisco music scene to 100 people who say “Thanks” by mail. This is fresh news — partners Adam Brodsley and Eric Heiman broadcast this deal just yesterday, in their terrific occasional newsletter, the Decibel (dB).

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