p.s. Typewriting springs eternal


[Alyson Kuhn] My collection of typewriter ephemera is eclectic — its margins are self-releasing. It’s also delightfully portable, as distinguished from my typewriters themselves, which are profoundly not. My most recent acquisitions are jewels in the corona of my typing life.

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Sketchbook: Ethan Bodnar’s ideas come to life on paper


In this series where artists share their journals, we are pleased to present Ethan Bodnar’s sketchbook thoughts and images. Ethan Bodnar is already establishing a voice in the design world while studying at the Hartford Art School. He is the author of the book Creative Grab Bag and presented on the future of education at the 2009 AIGA Make/Think conference.

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The Font Game app arrives for iPhone

font game

Now type freaks won’t find themselves far from their beloved letterforms, even when they’re alone with the phone. Newly available at iTunes is The Font Game, an app for iPhone and iPod Touch, which challenges players to identify 30 fonts, with the final score taking into account overall time.

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Paper! Awesome! and then some!


[Alyson Kuhn] At Felt & Wire, we do not use exclamation points lightly. Paper! Awesome! is the title of the extravaganza currently at Baer Ridgway Exhibitions in San Francisco … and this show definitely deserves a bonus exclamation point (as bestowed above). It’s a glorious group show and an homage to creativity on 8.5 x 11 paper.

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3Qs: Sean Adams has 3 questions (+1) for Chip Kidd


Here’s a thing you may not know about Chip Kidd: He may appear witty and sophisticated, and he is. But he’s got a big heart. Last year, Chip and I worked on Command X at the AIGA Conference; Chip was a judge. On stage he was hilarious and bumped the energy level enormously. You might imagine him breezing by the contestants backstage. Of course, he didn’t. He was back there reassuring the young contestants and being a remarkable mentor.

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ITC American Typewriter: My type of type


[Alyson Kuhn] American Typewriter, how do I love thee? Let me count the weights! This typeface’s key charm, especially for those of us who grew up on real typewriter type, is how wonderfully pleasing American Typewriter text is to look at and to read.

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