Free cuts & caps for download

From birds and flowers collection, the online community of printers and artists dedicated to the preservation of letterpress, now has a great collection of thousands of vintage ornaments and initials from ol

d specimen books for download. There are even tips for selecting and using them on press! [LS]

Goin’ solar at Third Bay Letterpress


[Alyson Kuhn] Jeff Towner and Jim Wehlage, the two amigos of Third Bay Letterpress, have gone solar. The panels (a.k.a. solar array) are installed in their front yard; the mighty meter is mounted in the second bay of Towner’s garage, across from a recently acquired 1965 KSBA cylinder press (perfect for posters).

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Design Destinations: My Barcelona momento

lead diptych

[Alyson Kuhn] I thoroughly enjoyed Katie Barcelona’s reportage  about an exhibit she saw recently in Barcelona. Her muy fabuloso post brought back memories of my visit to her namesake city almost 40 years ago, at the very beginning of my junior year abroad. I didn’t speak any Spanish, I barely knew where Barcelona was, I had never hitch-hiked before. One of my American housemates at 5 Rue des Boeufs in Aix-en-Provence easily swept aside my reservations: ¡Vamanos!

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Fast Company on graphic design

fast company grab - 2

It’s clearly a new era in the design world when mainstream publications like Fast Company cover graphics in a way we’re more accustomed to seeing in specialized trade mags. Latest case: a sparkling inventory of nine smart ways to showcase creative work. The selection and commentary are by our friends Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio, whose other creative endeavors include the blogs UnderConsideration and FPO. [AC]

On Press: Coating questions? Covered! (pt. 1)

Naked Truth About Uncoated Paper (open)-2

Pam McGuire is Mohawk’s resident authority on print production. If there’s a question about stocks, printing or finishing, she’s answered it. In this first installment in a new series, McGuire provides seriously useful advice on a perennial topic

: using coatings on uncoated paper.

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Lucky in love? Valentine giveaway winners


Five of the readers who commented on our Valentine’s Day gift review are receiving a free copy of a “totally clevatomical” letterpress poster by Roll&Tumble Press, courtesy of the Felt & Wire Shop. The winners blissfully recounted their most romantic Valentine gifts; read on as they wax winsome and get way off track. [TB]

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