In the land of Ampersand


[Alyson Kuhn] What a nice device the ampersand is. An ampersand can be crisp or curvy or curly … or even curious. An ampersand can save space if you need it to, but it can also beautifully fill space. And, for purposes of this post, I would posit that, of all punctuation marks, ampersands are the dandiest in 3D.

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Project M North: Belfast, Maine

Project M North

John Bielenberg has made a career of  “thinking wrong.” He created Project M to inspire young graphic designers, writers, photographers and other creative people to see that their work can have a positive and significant impact on the world.

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What could be more fun than a deck of Steampunk Monkeys?


[Tom Biederbeck] Steampunk is a mashup of Victorian technology, sci fi and punk that’s hot these days. It’s a cross between Jules Verne and Tom Verlaine, taking the form of fashion, fiction and now trading cards via Steampunk Monkey Nation, amusingly rendered by Chet Art and available at Felt & Wire Shop.

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Copy Jam!


On Thursday March 25, from 6–9 p.m., contributors to the blog will host a reception at Philadelphia creative collaboration Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. “COPY JAM!” will coincide with Mark/Remarque, the 2010 conference of SGC Philadephia, and the city-wide festival Philagrafika 2010. [LS]

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Ladies of Letterpress

Ladies of Letterpress image

Welcoming letterpress printers of all experience levels and specializations: from commercial printers to fine-press printers, zine makers to retail stationers. Ladies of Letterpress, founded in 2009 by Kseniya Thomas of Thomas-Printers and Jessica White of Heroes and Criminals Press, provides a community for the many new letterpress printers starting up every year. Members come together online to learn from one another, share resources and ideas, and at the same time keep letterpress a thriving, exciting and multifaceted art and craft.

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Kat Ran, we saw, we gaped


Be still, my arty heart. I’m clicking deliriously through a brilliant collection of postage stamps by type designers! Once again, someone has sent me a link to a site I cannot believe I had not known about. What a find, via my fine philatelic friend Cheryl Ganz, chief curator of Philately at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. [AK]

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