Shopping in a WESTPEX wonderland

[Alyson Kuhn] April 23–25 was the 50th annual WESTPEX stamp show, held at the Marriott Hotel by San Francisco International Airport. WESTPEX is theOnline Order Cialispan> big West Coast show for stamp dealers, stamp collectors and enthusiasts like me. I don’t actually collect stamps; I acquire them to use on my correspondence. And I enjoy the hunt — it’s a little like having my philatelic fortune told. At WESTPEX, my stamp stars aligned!

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Design Army’s studio is a space for clarity

With its witty, urban style and firm grasp of the zeitgeist, the work of Washington, D.C., firm Design Army has achieved a rising profile in recent years. In this latest installment in our series on creative practitioners and their studios, principals Jake and Pum Lefebure talk about how their practice has informed their workspace … and vice versa.

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F&W Finds: Embossed reply stickers

If you really want to get someone to read your letter, add one of these super-sweet embossed reply stickers from Small Object (tipoff via our friends at Daily Candy). [PW] Furthermore »

F&W Finds: Spinal Tape

You already know we love tape. Washi tapes. Colored tapes. Decorative fabric tapes. Paper tapes. Now you have got to see this funky Spinal Tape by Tachion (via Boing Boing). The name alone just tickles our vertebrae. Oh, and the rest of the Tachion line also prompts a smile. [PW]

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Jessica Helfand: Drawing, painting & reflecting on Rome

[Jessica Helfand] I have a studio in Rome for 10 weeks, where I am drawing and painting every day. The drawings themselves began about eight years ago for no apparent reason; they were therapy after my mother died, and made no sense to me then. But for some reason, I needed to draw. And so, I drew.

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Sustainability power tools: The Living Principles for design

[Alyson Kuhn] Gaby Brink and Phil Hamlett presented their vision for The Living Principles April 22nd at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco. The Earth Day event was the hometown debut for their initiative, created through the AIGA Center for Sustainable Design (CFSD). Thanks to Brink and Hamlett, I can now describe The Living Principles in almost 27 words … more or less. Get ready.

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