Loop Living Almanac: Unearthing fresh talent


[Tom Biederbeck] When Tomorrow Partners created a promotion to launch Mohawk’s Loop line of sustainable papers, the designers understandably focused on longevity — practical content makes a promo worth hanging on to, they reasoned. Their solution, Mohawk Loop: A Living Almanac, offers work and lifestyle advice on every spread. That much was expected. The surprise was the two startlingly young artists the designers found to visualize the project.

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F&W Shop: Just her type


From time to time Mohawk invites friends in to curate special collections over at Felt & Wire Shop. This month, we’re happy to share the perspective of Bridgid McCarren, art director of HOW magazine.

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John Bielenberg: Studios of 2 minds, 2 coasts


[Tom Biederbeck] John Bielenberg is a source of creative enterprise, an advocate for social change and a brand architect. His work ranges across America — east, west and south. A leader in design thinking for change via Project M, he also advises corporations through the design strategy firm C2. His studios are reflections of that expansive practice.

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p.s. The envelope art & ardor of Clayton Lewis

Beach Bathing-2

[Alyson Kuhn] Between 1980 and 1985, Clayton Lewis mailed his mother close to a thousand beautiful little paintings on the outside of ordinary envelopes. In April 2010 — 15 years after Clayton Lewis’ death — his son Peter announced the launch of ClaytonLewis.net. The site provides a lavishly illustrated look both at the artist’s output and at the dramatic bit of California coastline that became his natural habitat. Care to tour some envelopes?

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Design Destination: NOHO, NYC

NOHO, NY Courtesy of www.nohodesigndistric.com

It’s not every day that a neighborhood gets curated! Our friends over at the new design blog Sight Unseen are presenting New York’s newest design destination, NOHO, short for North of Houston, to coincide with the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), May 15–18 (and coincidentally the NY Stationery Show).

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1 project, 3 stories, 9 images, involving design

solutions diptych

[Tom Biederbeck] It’s the “Groundhog Day” of paper promotions: Three narratives bring to life one out-of-the-ordinary project in the Your Solutions Here piece created for Mohawk by designers Adam Brodsley and Eric Heiman. The hook: A sequence of nine unrelated stock photos is repeated three times, each with a different original story that unites the images in intriguing and even startling ways.

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