Pens & The Post: Add paper & it’s a perfect family party!

[Erin Blasco] The “Pens & The Post” family day at the National Postal Museum on Saturday, May 29, attracted hundreds of enthusiasts of all ages and stages of penmanship. The Pen Collectors of America partnered with the museum to produce the event. Here are a handful of highlights.

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The journey ends

We’ve been watching Project H travel around the country in a vintage, pink-striped Airstream trailer, a.k.a. the Design Revolution Road Show, ever since we first posted about it here. 75 days and 36 stops later, Emily, Matt (and Junebug!) are home. We thoroughly enjoyed their lively recap on Core 77. [PW]

On Press: Pam McGuire shares the secrets of printing beautiful blacks

Pam McGuire is Mohawk’s resident authority on print production. If there’s a question about stocks, printing or finishing, she’s answered it. In this second installment in our On Press series, McGuire shares the secrets, via video, on how to print the richest, deepest blacks.

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Greenwich Letterpress: location, location, elation

[Alyson Kuhn] Thank goodness one of my tipsters told me about Greenwich Letterpress shortly before my trip to NYC for the National Stationery Show. I visited the shop my first afternoon in town, a sunny springy Saturday. Quelle swell swoop!

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So Noted: HOW’s top 10

Our own Felt & Wire was described as an “Amazing blog for the paper obsessed” by HOW, who picked us as one of their Top 10 Websites for Designers this month. We are in good company, along with sites like Re-nourish and The Art of Hand Lettering and others. See the whole list, here. Thanks, HOW!

Ink on a Flyleaf

Used bookstores offer up layers of meaning beyond their quirky assortment and forgotten treatises on politics or cooking. We love this article from the New York Times, suggested by our friend Alison Curtin. What’s your favorite found inscription? Send it along to [email protected] with an image! [LS]