Print-your-own packaging

We bet these packaging PDF templates from finch&hawk paper goods will wow the guests at your next party. And we recommend printing on Strathmore Script for a lasting papery impression. [TS]

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ManyThanx encore: Thank-you card news

We recently featured ManyThanx on Felt & Wire. The very same day, the Westchester County Business Journal ran an interview with ManyThanx founder Janet Odgis. In the same article, the journal cites California Pizza Kitchen’s thank-you card program, which rewards pizza loyalistas. Odgis refers to ManyThanx cards as a “box of gratitude,” and we could describe the pizzeria’s cards as a “slice of thanks.” Think the journal was sticking its neck out to tie these two efforts together?

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Old Glory on paper: Kit Hinrichs talks about flag ephemera

[Tom Biederbeck] Kit Hinrichs is celebrated for his design work as a Pentagram partner and now as principal of his own Studio Hinrichs. He’s also known for his collection of more than 3000 flags and flag-related items, which are the subjects of two books and at least one TV interview (with Martha Stewart!). Here he talks about his collection and what the image and history of the flag have to say about the United States. Furthermore »

DIY: Celebrate Free(dom)

Over at Twig & Thistle (one of our favorite blogs) is a set of festive and free print-your-own 4th of July party favors. We recommend you order this for the project.

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The Feedback Loop

Long nourished by the design and print community, Mohawk is pleased to share a project that allows us to give back by using our beautiful new Loop paper as a catalyst for change. The Design Ignites Change Notebook Project will allow 25 letterpress designer/printers to combine their creativity and production skills with our paper and selling platform to generate a significant donation to a worthy cause.

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Indian movie posters exemplify the power of pop culture to Kayleigh Ryley

[Tom Biederbeck] They’re undeniably tacky, hastily drawn and cheaply printed on newsprint. They can also be emotionally raw, vividly expressionistic and visually memorable. It’s not difficult to figure out the appeal of the Indian movie posters that have captured the imagination of designer Kayleigh Ryley. Here she talks about how and why she became fascinated by these evanescent exemplars of Indian popular culture.

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