Amazing paper lamp

For staying abreast of European design news and accomplishments, we admire, a site covering architecture, design and interiors. As a taste of what’s to be found there, we suggest you check out an amazing new paper lamp, the W101 task light by Swedish architects and designers Claseeon Koivisto Rune.

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Panoramic & trompe l’oeil wallpaper: Escapist power & pleasure

[Mieke ten Have] Making way through the seemingly endless circuitry that comprises the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (think mouse in maze, hunting for gruyère), I was searching for that elusive visual moment of pure design lust. Not surprisingly, given my predilections, I discovered it in a set of wallpaper panels by the artist and designer Deborah Bowness.

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Copyright Questions Answered

Jaime Derringer from Design Milk and Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind have partnered with Scott Schwartz from Cozen O’Connor to answer all of your burning copyright and trademark questions. [TS]

Chicago STA Archive10 Competition: Enter early! Enter often!

Chicago loves elections. After all, this is a city that encourages voting by everyone, even those no longer living. But Archive10, a competition from the Society of Typographic Arts, turns this age-old, politics-as-usual system on its head. Work selected by the panel of judges will live on eternally in the Chicago Design Archive. What’s more, in most elections you cast a ballot only once (um, maybe not in Chicago), but you can enter Archive10 both early and often.

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Gutenberg! The Musical!

Exit Stage Left! That’s the name of the theater in San Francisco where Gutenberg! The Musical! will play from June 10–26. Might you guess there’s a link coming right up, perhaps to a slightly wacky video, including lyrics that rhyme “Gutenberg” with “darn tootenberg”?

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Is my office paper-possessed? Drawer your own conclusions.

[Alyson Kuhn] I don’t really think of myself as a collector. I have some ephemera and a fair bit of old correspondence, but most of my papery supplies have been acquired to be used … sometime between immediately and eventually. I recently invited my friends Max (who’s 8) and Benji (who’s 5-1/2) to come over and make birthday cards for their father. Max asked if I would be able to buy suitable paper and pens.

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