Entwined: A love story by Stonington Design + Paperie

Creating a wedding invitation for someone other than yourself is no doubt a nerve-wracking process. In the designer’s hands lies the gateway of what is meant to be one of the most perfect days in a person’s life. Christine Toner, founder and creative director, Stonington Design + Paperie, knows what it’s like to use that pressure to create something truly beautiful. This particular effort earned her a silver award in the Strathmore Show.

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Blogs we love: Herman Miller’s Lifework

Herman Miller’s Lifework, a blog taglined “Where Life and Work Meet,” is among our favorite online destinations. At Lifework, creatives of every stripe — interior designers, artists, designers, writers — talk about their spaces, obsessions, must-have supplies, desires and dreams.

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John Madere: Portrait of the photographer as a letter-writing gallery-goer

[Alyson Kuhn] Photographer John Madere lives in Manhattan. He frequently visits galleries for inspiration. In February 2008, Madere went to see designer Stefan Sagmeister’s exhibition at Deitch Projects. He loved it. In his mind’s eye, he saw Sagmeister sitting with one of his gigantic inflated monkeys. This became the inspiration for his new work, John Madere: Portraits of Design.

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Michael Bierut on John Madere’s new blog

John Madere’s July 22 post on his blog is about photographing designer Michael Bierut, who was inside the Pentagram Partners’ New York building while Madere was shooting from a ladder on the other side of Fifth Avenue. Why did the photographer cross the road? Find out.  [AK]

Jeff Nishinaka’s Paper Sculptures

Like our friends at The Cool Hunter and Paper Crave, we are awed by the paper sculptures created by LA-based Jeff Nishinaka. We like what Jeff says about his chosen medium, “Paper to me is a living, breathing thing that has a life of its own. I just try to redirect that energy into something that feels animated and alive.” Jeff’s eclectic portfolio here. [PW]

Photographer John Madere’s new blog is a blast

Yesterday, we previewed John Madere: Portraits of Design. In a sublimely timely move, Madere has launched a blog. One of the first posts is about his shoot with Stefan Sagmeister. We love Stefan with his 33-foot-tall angry monkey. Look. [AK]