Ink on a Flyleaf

Used bookstores offer up layers of meaning beyond their quirky assortment and forgotten treatises on politics or cooking. We love this article from the New York Times, suggested by our friend Alison Curtin. What’s your favorite found inscription? Send it along to [email protected] with an image! [LS]

Correspondence comes alive: Letters of Note

elvis excerpt formatted

[Laura Nathan-Garner] Correspondence just ain’t what it used to be. At least it hasn’t been since September, when freelance writer Shaun Usher launched Letters of Note. The blog, as Usher explains on the homepage, “is an attempt to gather and sor

t fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos.”

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Frances Perkins: a stamp of her own & a signature achievement

autographed stamps

[Alyson Kuhn] I kuhnfess that, until a year ago, I didn’t know a thing about Frances Perkins except that she was on a 15¢ U.S. postage stamp. Fortunately, I was listening to Fresh Air on April 16, 2009, when Maureen Corrigan reviewed The Woman Behind the New Deal, a biography about Frances Perkins by Kirsten Downey.

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EP!C: Sustainable Living Expo in Vancouver

EP!C, the Sustainable Living Expo, taking place in Vancouver, B.C., May 28–30, is billed as “Western Canada’s largest sustainable consumer trade show and eco-marketplace.” More than 300 exhibitors will be offering inspiring ideas, products and shopping … including fashion, cosmetics and the alluringly appetizing EP!Curean Cooking Stage!

Prime time: Letterpress as a Business


Last week, at the National Stationery Show in NYC, letterpress printers from across the country showed off their newest wares. This week, on the Left Coast, at the San Francisco Center for the Book, a handful of Bay Area letterpress printers will present a program entitled Letterpress as a Business. The evening will begin with a virtual tour of the panelists’ print shops. My ears and I will be there, and I will file a detailed report next week on F&W. Look at the printerly invitation, whose color gradation was accomplished with a split fountain. Yum.

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Dateline Budapest: The Adventure of the Purloined Postcards

Homepage Image card-1

[Wm.  M.  Senkus] Concord, California. April 27, 2010. I opened my mailbox with anticipation. A small group of poster stamps I had purchased on eBay was due. Extracting several items, I saw foreign stamps on one — a good sign. But then I realized the stamps were Hungarian. Hmmm, I thought. I’m sure that dealer was in Germany.

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