Is my office paper-possessed? Drawer your own conclusions.

LEAD Wall cabinet

[Alyson Kuhn] I don’t really think of myself as a collector. I have some ephemera and a fair bit of old correspondence, but most of my papery supplies have been acquired to be used … sometime between immediately and eventually. I recently invited my friends Max (who’s 8) and Benji (who’s 5-1/2) to come over and make birthday cards for their father. Max asked if I would be able to buy suitable paper and pens.

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F&W Finds: Vintage Typewriters

Courtesy of David Sherwin,

A good friend from college once remarked that he could have gotten two degrees if he’d used a computer instead of a typewriter for his English papers. Like him, I wasn’t too nostalgic for the good old days of Wite-Out, onion skin paper, or those funny round erasers with brushes on the end. Until now. Typewriter tweets, the brainchild of David Sherwin of frog design, has me thinking of uploading my tweets via twitpic and searching out vintage typewriters and supplies via [LS]

My penchant for blotters, especially vintage French ones


[Alyson Kuhn] I have just decided to start using my old advertising blotters from France, purchased at an ephemera show in Paris in 1997. For a long time, I thought I might frame them, but then I wouldn’t be able to touch them and enjoy their blotteriness.

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Eco-Art installation at Figment, NYC

If you’re in NYC for the weekend, June 11–13, be sure to check out the Figment Festival, a free annual weekend-long arts festival. While you’re there, check out the Take-Less installation created by our friends from the MSLK shop. Take-Less challenges viewers’ consumption of plastic. Festival info/hours here. [PW]

Blogs we love: Paper Trail

Paper Trail

No doubt about it, Mieke ten Have’s The Paper Trail is a blog for the obsessive student of paper. But you’re already acquainted with your inner paper explorer … and The Paper Trail is a site that will seriously reward your trek. While the scholarship is impressive, so is the wit: See her latest post, “Rubber Stamps, Medieval Jockstraps, and the Legacy of Noah Webster,” for a taste of her wide-ranging intellect.

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Have you seen this Magazines logo?


We did not forget our apostrophe in the headline. “Magazines” is the name, or maybe the eponymous brand, of five big magazine publishers’ new collective ad campaign. The campaign seeks to remind us, The Readers (some of whom are Subscribers) and The Advertisers, how much The Readers love magazines printed on paper. The logo seeks to remind us of some of our favorite magazines, literally by cutting and pasting letters from their respective logos to compose the word Magazines. Can you identify the publication provenance of all the letters?

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