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Fresh from the Carmel Bach Festival: A pen for your thoughts

[Alyson Kuhn] The first event I attended at the 73rd annual Carmel Bach Festival was a one-hour lecture by singer/teacher/raconteur David Gordon preceding a performance of the St. Matthew Passion (1727). Gordon is indeed passionate about this subject, and his talk was not only brilliant but surprisingly, well, Alysonian. When I told my friend Vinz about it afterwards, he deadpanned, “Did he know you were going to the lecture?” Drole.

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F&W Finds: File those business cards

All this talk about business cards makes me wonder how other people file them. About two years ago we had a high school intern who patiently alphabetized mine and slipped them into plastic sleeves in a large Rolodex. I have cards from as far back as 1987 that I keep for sentimental reasons, so the Rolodex got filled up pretty quickly, and now I have little piles of more recently acquired cards on my desk, sorted (sort of) by trade show or conference. But I just came across the perfect solution.

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Blogs we love: wedding inspiration and advice

We love weddings, and not just because they mean gorgeous invitations, engraved stationery, luscious thank you’s (and cake). We just can’t get enough of all those luscious wedding blogs. So when the nominees for the first annual Wedding Blog awards were announced yesterday, we were happy to see so many of our personal favorites make the list.  Furthermore »

In the pressroom: Printing John Madere’s photographs at Sandy Alexander

[Lynda Decker] I’ve been working with uncoated paper for the last 10 years — for almost every project in my studio, including annual reports full of photography. I’m quite excited to have rediscovered Kromekote. It boggles my mind to say this: Th

e surface of Kromekote is so glossy, but it behaves like an uncoated sheet.

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Above & below the fold

When we think of happy endings for print projects, we think of a getting a good, clean fold. When we’re in need of a little inspiration, we consult Trish Witkowski, a paper-folding fanatic. Check her out at, a great resource with all things related to folding paper. Here you can find simple 60-second videos on every kind of fold you can imagine: roll fold, swinger folds, nine-panel reveals, open gates and inverted broadsides. They post a new fold of the week, each week. Witkowski also tipped us off to this really cool paper-folding animation. [PW]