Lisa Congdon: A Collection a Day

[Pam Williams] Gulp! We admit it. We have been spending way too many hours (this year!) perusing Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day. We finally caught up with the talented creator of this ambitious year-long project to ask a few questions — like where’d you find those amazing vintage paper coasters? Furthermore »

A new morning for mourning stationery?

[Tom Biederbeck] Nancy Sharon Collins thinks the time has come to revive a useful asset for our letter library: mourning stationery. Collins, a designer, researcher and writer about paper and print, says mourning stationery was intended to help the bereaved adapt to a new role in society. I asked her about her interest, how mourning stationery functioned graphically, and how it might have relevance for our time. Furthermore »

Visit the Shop for some Brooklyn chic

This week we are welcoming the “spectacular lady blogger” Amy Feezor, creator and editor of M-Dashing and a contributor to Herman Miller’s blog, Lifework, as a guest curator in Felt & Wire Shop. Her collection is full of fun and funky products that fit into what she calls “Brooklyn Chic.” And this is only the first part. Amy loved curating so much, we had her create a second collection full of her favorite products. Make sure to visit the collection here and stay tuned for part two!

Are you on Facebook?

We’re celebrating our paper anniversary (can you guess how many years that is?) with a new page and a month of giveaways. We’ve got signed copies of b

ooks from our Recommended Reading list, a limited edition letterpress poster and $100 of Felt & Wire Shop merchandise up for grabs. All you have to do is “like” us, and you’re in the drawing! [AV]

Levi’s Workshops: Craft-based community spaces for the common good-better-best

[Alyson Kuhn] Levi’s launched the first of its workshops in July, in San Francisco. The second will pop up in New York City this fall. The Levi’s Workshops celebrate “work” on a big scale, as befits the legendary designer/manufacturer of work clothing.

Furthermore »

Collectors of note

Today’s post about Antonio Alcalá’s collection of 3-D letters reminds us of another collector we love, the talented San Francisco artist Lisa Congdon and her visually stimulating blog A Collection A Day 2010.

Furthermore »