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Make Good Great: Matching Texture to Content

We’ve seen that the way paper feels is powerful and how we use it can make a difference. Every project is about something, be it adventure travel or single origin chocolate. Have you ever thought about finding textures in the content, product or stories that you can emulate through paper?

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The Expressive “Plus” Uncoated Paper Can Provide

Excerpt from a 1949 Strathmore direct mailer: Stiffening competition calls for the most compelling printed pieces the advertiser and printer can devise. That calls for the plus that only quality paper provides. To get concrete results, the printed piece needs and idea…interesting design…powerful copy…fine printing…and the most effective paper you can obtain for that particular job.

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Materials Matter | The Cafeteria vs. The Restaurant

Imagine two lunch spots: a cafeteria and a restaurant. Each serve their own purpose, but which one would you bring a client or first date to?

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Paper is Part of the Picture

Does pink signify modern and bold? Or does it seem soft and feminine? Perception of color—including context, culture and personal preferences—shapes our response to the colors we see. Perception of color is why red signifies “stop” when you see it on the street, and “love” when you see it in the greeting card aisle. It’s why color has different meanings across the globe. It’s why the client says she hates purple.

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The Haptic Power of Paper

hap•tic  or hap•tical adj. [<Gk. haptesthai, to touch.] Of or pertaining to the sense of touch.

When you are selling premium leather riding gear, haptic perception is what it’s all about.

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Making Memories | How senses and emotions help us store and recall memories

There’s a family vacation photo on your desk—looking at it, you can recall details like the sun, the waves, the funny thing your son said just before the picture was taken.

Objects are powerful triggers that prompt us to recall past experiences. Researchers continue to explore how the senses influence how we form impressions and store and recall memories. Not only is the science fascinating, but it can also shape how brands communicate and win fans.

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