Case Study

The Haptic Power of Paper

hap•tic  or hap•tical adj. [<Gk. haptesthai, to touch.] Of or pertaining to the sense of touch.

When you are selling premium leather riding gear, haptic perception is what it’s all about.

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de Boulle: A relentless commitment to quality and luxury

Timeless beauty, refined luxury, discriminating style, attention to detail, and fine craftsmanship are hallmarks of the de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry brand. For over 30 years, the Boulle family has served thousands of customers worldwide, as they built a reputation as one of the preeminent family-owned fine jewelers in North America.  Furthermore »

Remarkable Spirits for Remarkable People

Joseph A. Magnus was just a boy of six when his father was killed in the Civil War. He, his mother, and his three siblings struggled after the war and, at age 12, Magnus went to work while still in school, taking on the role of patriarch and provider. Even at that young age, it was clear he was driven to be successful.

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World Relief sees its 70th year through color and design

Since 1944, World Relief has helped serve nearly four million individuals who suffer from poverty. By working with churches in struggling communities, this non-profit organization has transformed vulnerable communities into empowered communities. World Relief recognized its 70th anniversary with a rebranding, working with StudioNorth to create a book celebrating the organization’s history and mission.

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New England Science & Sailing Makes a Memorable Impression

The New England Science and Sailing Foundation (NESS) with locations in Stonington, CT, Westerly, RI, and satellite locations across New London, CT (Ocean Beach Park, Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School, Greens Harbor Beach, and Mitchell College) is a non-profit organization that engages children and adults in ocean-based experiential learning opportunities to build confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills.

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Designed to Communicate Style & Adventure: AEV Filson Edition Brochure

Filson and AEV combined their American manufacturing expertise to produce two limited edition off-road vehicles designed to inspired outdoor adventurers.  The AEV Filson Brute Double Cab and AEV Filson Wrangler vehicles are the culmination of durability, refinement, and American-made quality. This is definitely not your father’s car (to paraphrase a popular Oldsmobile tagline). And definitely not the car brochure of days past.

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