Tracy Smith

So Noted: Show Deadline Extended

The entry deadline for the 10th annual Mohawk Show has been extended to next Friday, June 5 for all Felt & Wire readers. The Mohawk Show celebrates designers who make concrete the complex communications of our culture, who go beyond the expected and make visuals extraordinary. Five winners will receive $5000 each. Finalists will be awarded $500 each.

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exit libris

I read. A lot. And I enjoy talking about the books I’m reading. My impromptu reviews must be fairly convincing, because most of these conversations end with, “I’d love to read that when you’re done.”. Which works for me, since I also love to share. My only challenge is that I usually end up promising the same book to several people. Not a big deal if the books make it back to me, but they rarely do. I don’t mind, really, but I do end up with a disappointed future reader once in awhile.

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Reform School

Gelatobaby’s recent post on knitting sent me straight to ReForm School. Being obsessed with paper, I was drawn to their literature section and found The Most Perfect Card on the Paper Planet.

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