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How Did Beauty Get Such a Bad Rap?


How did beauty get such a bad rap? Architect Louis Sullivan did it no favors when he declared, “form follows function.” Modern artists, architects and designers wrote beauty off as a surface trait employed for its own sake. And while we’ve been through countless artistic and cultural trends since then, beauty has retained its negative connotation. To call something ‘beautiful’ is to suggest it is pretty on the outside, but otherwise unsubstantial, hollow.

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Issue #10 of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly is all about beauty


Beauty isn’t a superficial aesthetic trait; it inspires, moves and engages us. It triggers emotion. It attracts. It gives pleasure. What’s more, beauty is universal: Everyone, regardless of culture, age or experience can recognize and appreciate a beautiful person, scene, object or sound, even though we have differing opinions of what qualifies as beautiful.

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Paper is Part of the Picture


Does pink signify modern and bold? Or does it seem soft and feminine? Perception of color—including context, culture and personal preferences—shapes our response to the colors we see. Perception of color is why red signifies “stop” when you see it on the street, and “love” when you see it in the greeting card aisle. It’s why color has different meanings across the globe. It’s why the client says she hates purple.

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TWELVE Beautiful Reasons to use Mohawk Packaging Papers


Materials are a powerful communication tool, and at Mohawk, we’re committed to making the highest quality materials that help take every printed project from good to great…including packaging.

To demonstrate exactly how beautiful textured and colored papers can elevate a package design, we’re serving up some inspiration for you.

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By Hand | Why handmade goods are highly in demand


Automobiles, furniture, homes, even food: Today, so many of the goods we consume are mass-produced by technology-driven machines half a world away. Which is why handmade items really shine.

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Brand and Perception


Writer, educator and consultant Debbie Millman is at the forefront of understanding how companies develop smart, effective brands for their products and services. Her book “Brand Thinking” features insightful interviews with prominent practitioners. We invited Debbie to discuss what makes successful brands so good at shaping consumer perception.

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