Laura Shore

It’s Still Summer at Farm Share Studio

Like the heirloom seed packets that get us through the midwinter blues, Farm Share Studio brings the intense color and flavor of high summer indoors all year round. Farm Share Studio is a project developed by Laura Shore to promote local foods and the farmers who make it possible. Laura paints small, closely observed “produce portraits” of local fruits and vegetables against richly colored backgrounds. She offers cards and prints for sale on her Etsy shop: FarmShareStudio. On her blog, she explores the intersection of farms, food, and the preservation of the agricultural landscape.

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Brand New conference

Will you be in NYC  November 5? Adjust your schedule to include Brand New, a one-day conference organized by our friends at UnderConsideration. Great international speaker roster exploring the development of corporate and brand identity projects. [LS]

F&W Finds: File those business cards

All this talk about business cards makes me wonder how other people file them. About two years ago we had a high school intern who patiently alphabetized mine and slipped them into plastic sleeves in a large Rolodex. I have cards from as far back as 1987 that I keep for sentimental reasons, so the Rolodex got filled up pretty quickly, and now I have little piles of more recently acquired cards on my desk, sorted (sort of) by trade show or conference. But I just came across the perfect solution.

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The Story of Graphic Design

This review begins with a disclaimer. Though I have a lot of design books, I haven’t actually read very many of them. Patrick Cramsie’s Story of Graphic Design, published by Abrams, is different. It’s a compelling narrative that treats design with all the seriousness of art history and, like great art history, manages to weave a historical narrative through the lens of Graphic Design.

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F&W Finds: Vintage Typewriters

A good friend from college once remarked that he could have gotten two degrees if he’d used a computer instead of a typewriter for his English papers. Like him, I wasn’t too nostalgic for the good old days of Wite-Out, onion skin paper, or those funny round erasers with brushes on the end. Until now. Typewriter tweets, the brainchild of David Sherwin of frog design, has me thinking of uploading my tweets via twitpic and searching out vintage typewriters and supplies via [LS]

Pap(i)er Fashion

Whether timeless or ephemeral, paper is the fabric for advertising, sculpture and wearable art in Pap(i)er Fashion, a current Swiss exhibition at Zurich’s Museum Bellerive. Thanks to our friends at SightUnseen and Coolhunting for alerting us. [LS]