Jessica White

Letterpress Business Cards with an Edge

Around this time of year I’m reminded by my students this is prime job-hunting season. They’re looking for that special job that speaks to them, and ways to get noticed in the crowd. There are many ways to leave a lasting impression on a potential employer, but let’s start with handing out a business card that stands out from the rest.

I love seeing the double-take when someone looks at my letterpress printed business card, they always seem to get a little more attention. Here’s a way to give them an extra pop of color to stand out even more!

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Letterpress You Can Do At Home: Hand-Printing from Letterpress Type

You’ve probably seen them: boxes of discarded wood type collecting dust in a back corner of an antique shop or under an old table at the flea market. If you’re in love with letterpress like I am, these boxes are irresistible, and you probably have a few of these rescues sitting on your bookshelf. Each wooden letter has a story all its own, from the nicks and scrapes to the particular patina and shine of the surface. Would you believe you could print from them with a few simple tools from your kitchen and the craft store? Give it a try, and once you’re done, you’ll have a nice stack of prints to share, and the type can go right back up on the shelf!

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