Emily Potts

Go on, play with your type!

[Emily Potts] Recently we introduced readers to Playing with Color by Richard Mehl, so this week we’re Playing with Type. This book, by Lara McCormick, offers up an array of typographic experiments that are designed to make readers think differently about type and how they use it. It challenges readers to take type to new extremes, and apply it in ways they never dreamed of. This sort of play encourages inventive ways of not only writing and drawing type, but rethinking how we use the usual type “standards” and try them in new contexts. Furthermore »

Serious play: Who knew brushing up on your design skills could be so much fun?

[Emily Potts] Children learn to solve problems and make things through play, so why not carry this into adulthood to sharpen our minds in our personal and professional lives? Playing with Color: 50 Graphic Experiments for Exploring Color Design Principles (Rockport Publishers), by Richard Mehl, is a workbook for designers and artists looking to expand their color vocabulary. Furthermore »

Creative Chain: Felt & Wire connects 90 extraordinary designers, artists & makers from all over the globe

[Emily Potts] Last April, the very first Creative Chain was published, featuring three creative powerhouses in Minnesota, and it just kept moving from there. Felt & Wire Managing Editor Pam Williams wondered what kind of work inspires today’s designers and artists and makers, and asked me to help find out. Never could we have imagined this chain would take us to so many different corners of the world, and introduce us to such an eclectic group of people—people we would never have known otherwise. The chain traveled between more than seven dozen people representing 46 cities in 12 countries, zigzagging around the world. Furthermore »

Creative Chain: Connecting creatives one link at a time, week 30

[Emily Potts] With less than two weeks until Christmas, we’re hitting number 90 this week on Creative Chain. It’s hard to believe we’ve featured so many talented artists and designers from around the globe. This week starts off with one of my favorite people. I am inspired by… Furthermore »

Creative Chain: Connecting creatives one link at a time, week 29

[Emily Potts] It’s hard to believe it’s December when the weather is so balmy here in the Midwest. Is it global warming, or hot creatives warming the atmosphere with their tremendous talent? OK, that’s a stretch, but the art world is on fire right now. Victor Brangoleau was at the tail end of last week’s chain, so we’ll start off this week with the hot talent that inspires him, in his own words. Furthermore »

Creative Chain: Connecting creatives one link at a time, week 28

[Emily Potts] Last week, we celebrated Thanksgiving in the U.S. This week, let’s give thanks for the creative minds that help make this world a better place to live. Today we celebrate the work of three people who are making beautiful, functional works of art. We ended the last chain with Till Wiedeck, so we lead off with a person near and dear to him. In his own words, Till is inspired by …

Furthermore »