Chandra Greer

On the Wire: The typewriter cards of Lulu Jacobs

[Chandra Greer] Today we talk to fellow Chicagoan Lulu Jacobs, designer and owner of Ravensgoods (a tight line of cheeky, typewriter-scripted cards) about her transition from retailer to designer to retailer/designer. Lulu started Ravensgoods in partnership with Wendell—more about him later—but with his recent retirement is managing her business on her own from a tiny storefront in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood.
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On the Wire: Iba Greetings brings refreshing honesty & simplicity to card design

[Chandra Greer] In my first On the Wire post for 2013, I’d like to share a story about the youngest new talent we’ve discovered, someone with heart and passion that belies her age. Everyone, please say hello to 11-year-old Izabella Verbovszky of Iba Greetings.

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On the Wire: Chandra Greer interviews the edgy founder of Alternate Histories

[Chandra Greer] We first discovered Alternate Histories when designer Matthew Buchholz sent us a link to his work. We clicked, moved closer to the screen, and thought, “Well, what have we here?” With its images of bad 1950s horror films, jubilant 1960s NASA engineers, a flying saucer igniting the Chicago Fire, Alternate Histories occupies a quirky-smart niche in the greeting card world, one that is slightly disturbing yet sweetly nostalgic.
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On the Wire: Greenwich Letterpress

[Chandra Greer] A few years ago, while in New York City for the National Stationery Show, we headed to the West Village to check out Greenwich Letterpress, a stationery shop we’d long admired from afar. Owned by Beth Salvini and her sister and brother-in-law, Amy and Pete Swanson, it is an indie design paradise reflecting their desire to nurture this segment of the paper goods market. We saw a lot of things we’d never seen before, and when it comes to stationery we’ve been around the world three times and back. Furthermore »