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Hats off to The Hat Book

As we celebrate 70 years of Superfine, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite projects printed on this iconic grade. Published in 1993, The Hat Book is a visual essay on the experience, the whimsy and the sense of style that hats bestow.

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Memorializing Massimo

This week we lost one of the greatest, most influential graphic designers of our time: Massimo Vignelli. We think that our friend Michael Bierut’s Design Observer post is the best way to pay tribute to a figure whose influence and legacy will live on, continuing to shape the landscape of graphic design for generations.

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A very tasty assignment by Alexander Isley Inc.

Sweet Hospitality Group recently came to Alexander Isley Inc. in need of a new identity. The Broadway caterer and concessionaire, founded 27 years ago and long known as Sweet Concessions, was expanding awareness of the scope of their services, refocusing their mission, and changing their name. It was a perfect storm of needs, all requiring a new look to better position the established company in a newly competitive marketplace.

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A small showing makes big noise

[Kim Rogala] We’ve told you about Denise Fiedler of Paste before, and now the collage artist has grabbed our attention again with her beautiful new business cards. Or rather, “business cards-slash-PR kits,” according to Denise. We asked her to tell us more about these handy little kits. Furthermore »

Born of Sound: Creating extraordinary art from your favorite sounds

[Kim Rogala] Husband and wife team Ashik and Jenelle Mohan have just launched Born of Sound, an online shop and gallery for the creation of one of a kind art…made from sound. Yes, these two have created a way to take your favorite sound and make it visible. The final product, called a sound-form, was deemed to be “ethereal” by Wired.com yesterday. Though the two artists are busier than bees (I wonder what that sound would look like) and likely not getting much sleep due to the cutie in the picture above (that’s Anika), they were nice enough to walk me though the concept of visualized sound. Here’s how Ashik, a biomedical engineer by day, explained the concept to me. Furthermore »

Sagmeister & Walsh: A card collection that speaks for itself

[Kim Rogala] Halftone Satisfaction is the newest collection for The Luxe Project by moo.com that launched earlier this week. And boy, has it created a buzz. Designed by the notoriously controversial team, Sagmeister & Walsh, this collection is shocking to some, yet not surprising to most. Hint: Four-letter words do appear. Furthermore »