Part Two: I Quit – Saturdays NYC

They quit their jobs as a pro snowboarder, clothing designer and magazine art director to become owners of lifestyle brand Saturdays NYC.

Photo Credit: Saturdays NYC

You can’t say their day jobs weren’t fun. But Josh Rosen, Morgan Collett and Colin Tunstall, a former pro snowboarder, clothing designer and magazine art director, respectively, wanted to pursue careers on their own terms. It all started with a whimsical idea: What if we started a surf shop in New York City? They were met with skepticism initially—you can’t surf in Manhattan, acquaintances didn’t hesitate to remind them—but once they started thinking about the surf shop, they couldn’t put the idea down. They pooled their money and turned their passion for surf culture into the surf lifestyle company Saturdays NYC.

Photo Credit: Saturdays NYC

Like many entrepreneurs, the crew started building the business while working at day jobs. “New York is a very motivating city. We were always having conversations about starting something on our own, something that was completely controlled by our input. I think it reached a point where Saturdays had an opportunity to actually become real, and I was having trouble, mentally, going to work for someone else every day,” Collett says. “I knew if Saturdays was going to have any chance at making it, it needed 100 percent of my attention. I would DJ four or five nights a week to make a living while I devoted 12 to 16 hours a day to getting Saturdays off the ground.” Tunstall echoes that idea that taking the leap just has to happen at some point: “You feel it. You know deep down that you need to take a chance. Knowing that you tried is the most important feeling.”

Photo Credit: Atsushi Nishijina

As Saturdays NYC expands into new markets and womenswear this year, focusing on design and production, and opening new retail locations, what would they tell their younger selves today? “Everything is going to be OK,” Tunstall says. “Just work hard and know that it’s going to lead to great things.” Collett agrees: “Don’t be so stressed out. The journey is part of it all.”


This article was written by Grace Dobush and originally published in Issue 09 of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly. The Mohawk Maker Quarterly is a vehicle to support a community of like-minded makers. Content focuses on stories of small manufacturers, artisans, printers, designers, and artists who are making their way in the midst of the digital revolution. Learn more about the quarterly here and sign up to receive future printed issues.

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