The Expressive “Plus” Uncoated Paper Can Provide

Excerpt from a 1949 Strathmore direct mailer: Stiffening competition calls for the most compelling printed pieces the advertiser and printer can devise. That calls for the plus that only quality paper provides. To get concrete results, the printed piece needs and idea…interesting design…powerful copy…fine printing…and the most effective paper you can obtain for that particular job.

Paper is the physical vehicle that carries the selling story, makes the first impression. Paper with plus of expressiveness will tell the recipient instantly, “This is something special, and important to you!”

Expressive Color
Color is a potent salesmaker. It reaches the emotions, can be used to rouse curiosity…admiration…an active desire to own the product shown or the use the service described.

This single-fold Garden Shop announcement gains vitality and expressiveness from the rich color provided by the paper itself. Notice how the green is used to form part of the hat design, creating dramatic focal interest.

Uncoated paper offers unusual beauty of color, ranging from delicate tints and middle tones to brilliant and deep shades. These colors stimulate the layout artist and printer choose to create new designs that spark the reader’s interest. All kinds of original effects can be achieved easily and economically by using the color plus of these papers. Special expressiveness of uncoated paper colors simplifies production. The paper itself contributes color…color that furnishes the basis for and is an integral part of fresh, striking design…color thank makes type sparkle, than enriches the illustrations.

Clever way to blanket the subject…using deckle edged paper as both a focal frame and product art. The inexpensive die cuts adds a “peek in” fillip to the piece. Even without die cuts and with very little art, this piece provides countless novel treatments…simply by using the contrasting deckle edge paper and the duplex color construction.

The simpliest pieces printed on colored paper gives the impression of unstinted color. When colored paper is used deliberately as a tool, a one or two-color job can carry more “punch” than a four-color piece printed on nondescript paper. Whether your project calls for several impressions or only one, colored paper gives it the emotional plus that pays.

Texture and Surface
Success of the printed piece can also be stepped up noticeably by the feel of and interesting texture and the effect of a pleasing surface upon the reader’s hand and eye.

See what a striking effect can be created with a French fold and simple line drawing, using a text weight. Expressive surface and deckle point up the jeweler’s theme of elegance and reliability.

Textured papers imply quality, taste…and character. For the artist and printer, they afford a variety of interpretative textures. With the plus of expressive textures, moods can be established…ideas conveyed more tellingly.

A modest booklet job can be made highly interesting. Employing the novel characteristics of the paper itself, the artist uses the deckle edge to get color and pattern.

Strathmore papers gives you a wide choice of versatile surfaces for every printing technique…letterpress and offset, silk screen and gravure, die-stamping and embossing. Within the Strathmore line you have papers ideally suited to the printing method specified for the particular job. Many of the papers are adaptable to combinations of several processes.

Paper is Part of the Picture
Ideas for novel effects are suggested by the papers themselves. Characteristics of papers serve as active design elements. Relying largely on them, and using only the simplest printing, it is easy to create pieces that are distinguished for originality and dramatic impact. Merely with basic folds these papers suggest great variety of layout.

Here ingenious use is made of a simple cut and fold, yet the result is rich and sophisticated…the step-up effect quickly expresses the theme.

Economy in designing cost and easy printing is true efficiency. Fine uncoated papers, are more than worth their cost. They give your printed pieces the decisive plus…the vitality, prestige and selling power that assure stronger response.


This copy was taken from a 1949 direct mailer for Strathmore that was was created to tell a timely story on the importance of using uncoated papers. The mailer contained this essay along with print samples that were carefully planned to make full use of the expressive colors and textures of Strathmore papers and to show the papers’ surface responsiveness to various printing techniques. 

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    Besides writing for an education company, I’m fond of calligraphy, that’s why it’s very important for me to choose high-quality paper. A beautiful letter includes many things, this is the viscosity of mascara, the type of pen, the skill of execution, even the humidity of the air! But it is equally important to choose the right paper for calligraphy, the result of your efforts depends on it

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