January 2017

Materials Matter | The Cafeteria vs. The Restaurant

Imagine two lunch spots: a cafeteria and a restaurant. Each serve their own purpose, but which one would you bring a client or first date to?

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Archival Quality, Versatility of Superfine Makes Impression at Yale

It so happens that Superfine, Mohawk’s flagship paper for more than 70 years, made a prominent appearance at Yale University in the 1960s when the Ivy League school needed a sheet of paper with archival qualities on which to print The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, an undertaking spearheaded by the university to document the writing of the founding father. More than 20 years later in the 1980s, Superfine found a fan in an undergraduate student at Yale, Jessica Helfand, noted designer, educator, author, and Design Observer co-founder.

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How Did Beauty Get Such a Bad Rap?

How did beauty get such a bad rap? Architect Louis Sullivan did it no favors when he declared, “form follows function.” Modern artists, architects and designers wrote beauty off as a surface trait employed for its own sake. And while we’ve been through countless artistic and cultural trends since then, beauty has retained its negative connotation. To call something ‘beautiful’ is to suggest it is pretty on the outside, but otherwise unsubstantial, hollow.

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