TWELVE Beautiful Reasons to use Mohawk Packaging Papers

Materials are a powerful communication tool, and at Mohawk, we’re committed to making the highest quality materials that help take every printed project from good to great…including packaging.

To demonstrate exactly how beautiful textured and colored papers can elevate a package design, we’re serving up some inspiration for you.

Each day over the next twelve days, we will unveil and showcase the contents of TWELVE, a new resource created to inspire designers, printers and our merchants.

TWELVE highlights a dozen beautiful papers that have been carefully selected to demonstrate the central role materials plays in to the creation of a folding box design. Eye-catching samples feature shimmering metallics, embossed finishes, distinctive textures, and exquisite colors – each printed, embossed, foil stamped and die cut in to a foldable box form.

So we invite you to stop by regularly (on Felt & Wire and on Instagram) over the next TWELVE days for a daily dose of fine paper inspiration.


KICKOFF | Curious Collection Skin Pink duplexed with Curious Collection Particles Snow

The outside container for the TWELVE kit is a memorable marriage of two very different papers: Curious Collection Skin Pink with its signature smooth surface and super-saturated color, laminated to Curious Collection Particles Snow featuring subtle, snow-like flecks and 100% post consumer waste. Pasting these two sheets suggests the possibilities The Curious Collection offers to creating a memorable and high-impact packaging design.


REASON ONE | Mohawk Superfine 

Mohawk Superfine has inspired great design for over 70 years and is recognized for its superb formation, lush tactility, archival longevity and timeless appeal. The first foldable box form within TWELVE was printed on Mohawk Superfine‘s eggshell finish, giving it a luxurious toothy surface that adds a sophisticated tactile appeal.


REASON TWO | Curious Collection Metallics

The Curious Collection features seven extraordinary, tactile grades made for the senses, each boasting saturated colors and unusual textures. Metallics Lustre glistens with a rich, glittering alloy resulting in a stunning, shimmery appearance.


REASON THREE | Arjowiggins Butterfly

In May 2015, Mohawk and Arjowiggins Creative Papers announced a unique alliance to share best-in-class manufacturing capabilities, facilities, technologies, sales and marketing resources and expertise. Butterfly is FSC certified and available in three finishes: Origin, Smooth and Surf. Each finish is offered in two weights, perfect for creating boxes and folding cases. These beautiful papers are available in over 80 countries worldwide, so you can specify the same paper in Los Angeles, London, Shanghai and rest assured that it will be consistent wherever you are printing.


REASON FOUR | Mohawk Loop (Straw)

Mohawk Loop is a complete collection of extremely high PCW recycled papers to support sustainable design. Loop Straw is both natural and refined, using 50% PCW fiber. This carefully designed shade is the perfect material for any packaging project.


REASON FIVE | Arjowiggins Delos

Arjowiggins Delos is FSC certified and engineered for luxury packaging design: folding boxes, rigid boxes, hangtags, cases, and bags. With a natural machine finish, high level of whiteness, and excellent folding properties, Delos is the perfect paper for the embossing, foil stamping, scoring and lamination processes often used in combination for packaging applications.


REASON SIX | Strathmore Premium

Strathmore papers have been crafted to the same exacting standards since 1892 and used by designers and printers for over 120 years. Since acquiring the Strathmore brand in 2005, Mohawk has continued to manufacture this iconic portfolio of papers. The Premium line for Strathmore features 9 distinctive textures, 31 beautiful shades and 10 weights, allowing endless possibilities for your next packaging project.


REASON SEVEN | Mohawk Loop (Feltmark)

We can’t get enough of Mohawk Loop. With a range of print surfaces and fashionable palette of whites, pastels, jewel tones and earthy fibered shades, Loop enables environmental responsibility the Mohawk way. This foldable box was printed on Loop Feltmark White, one of the 11 textures you can choose from that will give your next packaging project a truly tactile and memorable experience.


REASON EIGHT | Curious Collection Skin

The distinctive smooth surface and bold colors of Curious Collection Skin invite you to touch and feel. Featuring a wide range of saturated, vibrant colors—including this rich, matte black—Skin’s surface is resistant to rubbing and finger prints.


REASON NINE | Mohawk Carnival (Groove)

Carnival Groove’s wide, linear embossed pattern can become a strong, supportive element of any packaging project. Available in whites and rich colors, Groove offers excellent printability and a memorable feel that will enhance any message.


REASON TEN | Mohawk Carnival (Linen New Black)

Mohawk Carnival Linen has a subtle embossed pattern that offers exceptional ink holdout. The understated texture adds tactile quality and is available in a range of colors in all writing, text and cover weights.



Chromolux high gloss papers and boards are known around the world for their superior cast-coated surface and excellent print performance. With a range of calipers, colors and metallic effects, Chromolux is suitable for a variety of applications from high-end communication graphics to distinctive luxe packaging designs—all FSC certified.


REASON TWELVE | ArjoPack (Extra Black)

This fine creative paper with a smooth touch and long fibers has an intense carbonless black. It can be used for all kind of packaging applications, from rigid boxes to shopping bags, tags and folding boxes.

GIVEAWAY: Tell us how you use premium paper for your packaging projects in the comments below and we’ll randomly select 12 lucky winners to receive this resource! Hurry, contest ends on October 6th.

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