September 2016

Designing With Paper: From High-Tech to High-Touch

Great design is great design, regardless of the ultimate function of a printed piece. But the journey from brilliant concept to a stunning printed piece can be a struggle. Just ask Envelopments. For over 20 years the California company has served an enormous and diverse clientele of invitation dealers and designers with the tools they need to build invitations that are anything but ordinary.

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#TBT: Labels of exquisite taste from London

If you’re looking for creative inspiration for product packaging or labels, look no further than the collaboration between Blush Letterpress, United Creatives and The London Distillery Company they did back in 2014.

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TWELVE Beautiful Reasons to use Mohawk Packaging Papers

Materials are a powerful communication tool, and at Mohawk, we’re committed to making the highest quality materials that help take every printed project from good to great…including packaging.

To demonstrate exactly how beautiful textured and colored papers can elevate a package design, we’re serving up some inspiration for you.

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By Hand | Why handmade goods are highly in demand

Automobiles, furniture, homes, even food: Today, so many of the goods we consume are mass-produced by technology-driven machines half a world away. Which is why handmade items really shine.

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