The Haptic Power of Paper

hap•tic  or hap•tical adj. [<Gk. haptesthai, to touch.] Of or pertaining to the sense of touch.

When you are selling premium leather riding gear, haptic perception is what it’s all about.

“There is a group of people who believe in the quality and timeless style that we aim for with every RSD apparel item we release into production,” says Roland Sands. “To smell it, wear it, be kept warm and be protected by it really drives home the reality of that creation.” Customers find their jacket by what feels right.


Roland Sands is from Long Beach, California. His love affair with the motorcycle industry started with an RM 50 dirt bike on his 5th birthday. After minutes of riding, he broke a bone, but he always came back for more. Speed on two wheels took him to the professional racing circuit. He set multiple track records around the world and was the 1988 American Motorcyclist Association 250GP champion. 32 broken bones later, he decided to trade in his racing leathers for pencil and a CAD system, building Roland Sands Design, a motorcycle, product and apparel company.

He and his crew still live the two-wheeled life as road racers, off-road, dirt track, supermoto and custom bike builders and riders. It’s this diversity that allows them to work with the best in the industry on a variety of projects. Their client list includes Ducati, Dunlop, Harley-Davidson, Panasonic, Piaggio, Polaris, Toyota, Triumph, Vance, Yamaha and many others.


In 2010, Squarecase Creative, based in Oceanside, California was brought in to manage the apparel program focusing on product design and marketing materials. Working closely with Joe Hitzelberger , RSD Art Director, Drake Ryman of Anchor Paper and Mike Dietz of Wallace Carlson Printing, the 2013 Roland Sands Apparel Catalog is a testament to Roland Sand’s commitment to materials that matter.



“We wanted something for the cover that lured customers in,” according to Roger Sgarbossa, of Squarecase. “Mohawk Carnival Cordwain has a leather look and a soft feel that mimics the product line. We couldn’t have found a better enhancement to the catalog experience.”

Client: Roland Sands Design, Long Beach, California
Printer: Wallace Carlson Printing, Minnetonka, MN
Design: Squarecase Creative, Oceanside, California
Paper: Mohawk Carnival Cordwain 90 Cover


If you’re looking for inspiration, examples, and more tips on how to increase the impact of your next printed project through careful paper selection, click here to learn more and take your work from good to great.

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