Champions of Craft: Olimpia Zagnoli, Jacobsen Salt, Shelter Social Club

We know that materials matter, and the right materials can take a project from good to great. In issue number eight of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, we explore a variety of brands that deliver experiences to their customers through the materials they use. Today we follow up with three companies that truly embrace this concept.

Olimpia Zagnoli | Milan, Italy
Vibrant illustrations with strong contrast


“I like contrasts. I like when two colors don’t really go together at first and then somehow they do and they become magic, something else. Like yellow and brown or a sad green with some fuchsia. They become mysterious and glamorous. I’d like my illustrations to evoke freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom to be green, freedom to have more than two eyes, freedom to show things that are usually covered…”

Jacobsen Salt  | Portland, OR
Flake and kosher sea salts harvested off the Oregon coast


“We hope that tasting our salt and adding it to a dish sparks people’s taste buds and brings a smile to their face. Salt is such a simple thing and, unfortunately due to its commoditization in the aftermath of the industrial revolution, an underappreciated item in the kitchen pantry. What we’re trying to do is re-elevate this fundamental cooking ingredient, and show people that the most efficient and effective way to bring your food to the next level and delight your taste buds is to use good salt-and use it everyday.”

Shelter Social Club  | Various Locations
Hospitality group creating community-orientated spaces

“We try to fully understand the ethos of a community before we start the design process. We’re grateful to work with artists who inspire us and have helped us create environments that relate to the towns in which our properties exist. We also work with local entrepreneurs who help us curate experiences (movie nights, dinners, healing workshops, craft and design workshops, music performances) that help engage our guests and give them a behind-the-scenes look into local communities.”

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